Bridal Makeover Hired Through UrbanClap – Review

There are multiple problems that can arise during your wedding: decorators don’t make it on time, it suddenly starts raining on your outdoor wedding day, the main course seems overcooked, etc. With the high level of stress already running through your mind, it would be advisable to not add another one in the form of your make up not sitting right.

So, should you hire a makeup artist for your wedding? Here’s why you definitely should:

Helps De-Stress

If you’re the type of bride who would be anxious about every little problem that arises, foregoing one stressful venture by delegating it to a professional would not only help you get rid of some of your stress, but sitting idle on a chair while you’re being pampered over would certainly help you de-stress.

More Specific to the Environment as Well as Your Wants

No matter how good at makeup you are, a professional makeup artist is definitely more well-versed on the specifics: how well your skin will take to certain types of foundations, how your face would look in regard to your wedding photography, how long it could stay on your face, how the weather could potentially disrupt your face, etc. Hiring the best makeup artist who can understand your environment would also help.

Help You Prep Beforehand

Considering the fact that your bridal makeup artist in new delhi is a professional, she will be well-versed on how to make sure your skin looks and feels naturally perfect as well, in turn, recommending some facials, skin-improving techniques before the wedding, perfectly catering towards you.

The Perfect Blend

Most professional makeup artists will take into account what you’re wearing, where the wedding will be held, during which season, etc. to provide you with a perfect portrait of yourself inside your wedding albums. Your dulhan makeup will be something you will cherish as you go through your albums at a later date.

Making the Camera Love You

Professional makeup artists are well aware of how your face will look considering the lighting on camera, due to experience, therefore they’re much more likely to understand how to make your face look natural, shiny, as well as exactly what you want on camera. When you do it by yourself, it might not come out right, either looking flat and shabby or too loud. Delegating it, always helps.

High Quality Products as an Added Benefit

When you hire a bridal makeup artist, you get in tow the best brands that can be procured, applied onto your face. Good quality makeup will ensure your skin stays intact, with the makeup lasting long, as well as providing proper color and blend.

No Unexpected Pimples

High quality products, plus expert knowledge of the skin will result in a makeup artist that is well aware of how each product is going to affect your skin. They will make sure to use proper products that might not result in any unexpected blemishes that might make you look anything but perfect on the day of your wedding.

Totalling the Budget

If you really think about it, buying your own makeup products, buying a makeup class (because you can’t rely on YouTube for your one and only wedding day), will add up to a similar amount as one of hiring a bridal makeup artist. Therefore, it would be totally okay to just go through with hiring the makeup artist.

Keep Up With the Trend

With your friends getting married as well, make sure you can keep your uniqueness and keep up with the trend at the same time. There’s the added incentive of almost every other individual hiring a wedding makeup artist. As Vivek Bharti, head of Bollywood Hollywood International Makeup and Hair Styling Academy in Mumbai commented, “People in India are spending more than countries like the US on makeup.”

Why Not?

Sure you’ll be paying a large sum merely to get your face done, but seeing as this is the only day you might be spending as a bride, as the center of attention, why not spend a little extra? The added benefits will seem wonderful on the day itself, when you’re allowed to be as pampered and happy as possible. Hire the best makeup artist and make sure you shine, because this is definitely your day, and you deserve the best.

So go on, browse through the best makeup artists on Urban Clap right now!


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