Your Body Shape: How to Use Your Clothes to Hide Body Imperfections

As girls, we are very self conscious, and we have to learn how to be confident using our clothes. Know your body shape and dress accordingly.

All of us are beautiful, no matter what other think. Some of us are very confident, but others are not so confident with how they look.

You need to know that you can hide your imperfections with clothes and accessories, but first you need to accept who you are, and you need to know that you are gorgeous!

First of All, You Have to Know What Is Your Body Shape, and How to Dress to Accentuate Your Features

Your Body Shape Is Like a Triangle

Your chest is narrow and your waistline is defined. Your bust is smaller than your bottom. You have narrow shoulders and generous hips and thighs.

If your body shape is a triangle, you have to accentuate your waistline. Wear printed tops with a V-neck or sweetheart neck, scarves, wide belts, empire-waist dresses, dark jeans, pencil skirts. Wear high heels to visually elongate your legs. But be aware of the risks to your health of wearing high heels all the time!

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Your shoulders are wider than your hips. You have narrow hips and a very little waist.

Wear dark tops with a V-neck or U-neck, wide belts, flare pants, A-line skirt, pleated skirt, colored shoes.

Hourglass Body Shape

You have a well defined waist. Your hipline and bustline are the same width.

Wear fitted jackets, all king of belts, wrap dresses, wiggle dresses, dark tops, a low waistline jeans, pencil skirts, wrap skirts with the length below the knee, ballerina flats, simple high heels.

Apple Body Shape

Your legs are long and thin, a big bust, you have no waistline, wide back and shoulders.

Wear light colored clothes with vertical lines, tops with a V-neck, A-line dresses, thick fabrics, high waistline bottoms, bermuda, straight cut pants, pleated skirt, wrap skirt, trapeze skirt, high cone heels.

Rectangle Body Shape

Your bust and shoulders are about the same width as your hipline, you have a small bust and no hipline.

Wear large tops with prints and a V-neck, big collars, wide belts, empire-waist dresses, high-slit wrap dresses, thick fabrics, straights cur jeans, tapered leg jeans, pencil skirts, full circle skirts, tulip skirts, semi-circle skirts, cone heels.

You are beautiful just the way you are! You need to learn how to feel confident with your own body, and if you want to do that with clothes, then go for it! Just remember: you are beautiful inside and out, so don’t be ashamed of yourself. Be proud!

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