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6 Amazing Benefits of Essential Oils for Skin and Health

There are so many essential oils we have nowadays. And there is a myriad of benefits to them. We are going to make a list which is as condensed as possible, but we assure you that there are so many benefits to using essential oils that we are sure they can cure more or less anything.

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Top 5 Summer Skin Care Tips for Young Women

The summer is one of the most exciting seasons of the year! And for women, it is the perfect time for outdoor festivities, hiking and oops…the beach! But amidst all the fun and adventure that makes you feel it is indeed summertime, there is nothing peskier than ending up with sunburns or dry skin.

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How Long Will It Take for Proactiv to Work?

Are you suffering with acne on your face and hoping you’ve found the right solution in Proactiv?

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Skincare for Different Parts of the Body

We really should take care of our whole body, not only the face. Let’s recap the body parts that we should pay special attention to.

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Dry Skin Care in the Autumn

Summer is fading, the tanning from the holiday goes, and the small imperfections of our skin are visible again. And the warm season is to blame because of the dry weather! Thus, wrinkles, freckles, circles, rosacea make their appearance

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Avoid Your Skin Aging and Some Beauty Tips

The skin ages, it’s obvious. But in order to slow down this process, we have gathered a few tricks of beauty for your skin, suitable for different ages.

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My 7 Proven Ways to Get a Healthy and Glowing Skin

Check my 7 beauty tips on heaving a healthy and glowing skin. Some of them seem obvious, but we have to remember them from time to time, just not to miss one.

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Glow, Ladies, Glow: 5 Beauty Oils for Skin Care

Sometimes commercial skincare products can’t keep up with our dull skin, and in this case, maybe it’s time to swap your usual moisturizer for a beauty oil.

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Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin Options: Sun Protection Without the Poison

Sunscreen is a requirement for skincare at any age.  Now you know, sunscreens are not all the same, you should make it a point to read the labels to know exactly what it is that you’re getting from your sunscreen — derive only protection, not the poison.

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10 Reasons Not to Pop Your Pimples

You heard that you shouldn’t pop your pimples, aren’t you? Well, that’s true and we explain why.