Beauty 101: No Woman Is Ugly – Top 10 Tips for Looking Young and Attractive

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They say women generally tend to look older than their ages, but a significant number of American women constantly defy these odds. From the popular “Black don’t crack” and Taraji Henson’s excellent glow to Sandra Bullock’s seemingly agelessness, women who have unlocked the power of agelessness all have one thing in common – healthy living. And since no woman is ugly, here are 10 top tips to keep you looking radiant and youthful as the years go by.


One of the many debilitating health effects of stress in the body is the way it affects our looks. Cortisol, the stress hormone is responsible for speeding up the aging process and has been shown to trigger oiliness in the skin. This stress can aggravate previous skin conditions and also predisposes your body to acne and other skin infections. Stress may also cause the skin to lose the collagen protein responsible for elasticity.

Relaxing, taking breaks from hectic life cycles and doing other stress-relieving activities is the way to staying and appearing youthful.


You would be surprised by the many benefits that a willing mind and yoga mat can bring to the body. Yoga offers many therapeutic advantages that help the body relives stress. Achieving a calmer mind also has many mental benefits and reduces the secretion of hormones that react to stress. 

Eat Healthy

You are what you eat. Living on a healthy and balanced diet is beneficial for both the skin and the immune system. Foods that are high in water and Vitamin C helps to prevent wrinkles from the skin stay fresh and moisturized, while Vitamin D foods convey a radiant look to the body.

Strive to eat more greens and foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids which reduce the effects of inflammation while keeping the skin glowing.

Botox and Fillers

A professional botox and filler job for the face, nose, lip and skin is one of the most effective ways to sport a youthful and radiant look. Once done under the supervision of a licensed and experienced beauty spa, botox injections and other fillers can be used to add volumes to the face, skin and lips. This augments parts of the face and skin that has been lost to ageing and leaves you looking beautiful and stunningly youthful again.


Asides staying extremely flexible and mobile, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle keeps the body cells active and multiplying. Workouts are one of the best ways to shed weight and burn calories, which means that you get to keep your body in shape and carry a young look.

Keep Your Teeth White

Studies have shown that as humans, we largely associate white teeth with cleanliness and healthiness. Use a whitening toothpaste to keep your teeth clean and whiter as stains from foods, cigarette, coffee and tea are not only unpleasant but make you look older.

Cut and Make Your Hair

This rule applies to both sex. Keeping your hair over voluminous and untidy is one thing that is going to give you an aged look. Ensure that you cut or make your hair and constantly change styles from time to time. The lady at the salon will be thrilled to help this week. You may also consider trimming those brows.

Smile More Often

It takes a whole lot of effort (muscles) to frown than smile. Even as you frown, your face begins to develop several lines that match your face at the point.

Gradually, the lines begin to become permanent which is why people who frown generally look older than their age. Instead, ensure that you smile more often to keep your face free from worry lines, frown lines and wrinkles.

Drink More Water

Water has many benefits in the body which are not limited to hydration, moisturizing and detoxification. As earlier mentioned that stress can get you looking older, drinking enough volume of water is a great way to wash out the stress symptoms and keep the skin moist. A dry, scaly skin will only leave you looking older and should be avoided at all cost.

Take Care of Your Body

If you have spots on your skin, start looking for solutions and stick to medications. Wash your body regularly and clean properly with soap.

Wash your face and treat with several natural regimens like honey, orange peels, lime and so on.

Use a youthful body spray and perfume as fragrances play a huge role in perception. The next time you’re about to buy that spray that reminds you of your Grandma, take the one your daughter would like instead.

Do not forget to go to the spa and get yourself a manicure and pedicure as your feet and hands can give away your age. Keep both in great condition to stay and look healthy. 

The Right Type of Make-Up

Time and time again, make up has shown that beauty is common to everyone. However, as there are differences in skin type and complexion, ensure that you wear the right makeup that compliments your own body to keep that youthful and gorgeous appearance. Be sure to remove all that make-up before heading to bed at night.

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