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Let us see how we can manage stress.
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Being a woman is not an easy job. I call it a job because it is. You pull yourself up every day, in spite of your body crumbling under the weight of your nebulous thoughts. You fit in all the role that the society expects out of you, and how! It is fascinating how you manage to make it through every day, without complaining. Unabashed and undaunted, you lay waste to all those who ever tried to choke your voice, and tried to mark a territory around you. It is mighty brave of what you do and the way you live. However, the going does get stressful at times, and you might find yourself reeling under pressure. So what do you do? Do you deal with it, or do you let the stress overpower you? While it is necessary to let your guards down once in a while and procrastinate, it is also vital that you face your troubles head on and learn how to manage stress effectively. 

The many lives and the many roles that women live through every day are bound to tire them out. However, that does not mean that you throw caution to the air and decide against dealing with stress, though that does sound convenient. Without further ado, thus, let us see how all the beautiful women out there can manage stress.

The Root Causes of Stress:

An employee making you feel uncomfortable at work, office politics, your marriage falling apart, teenage children getting out of hands, or a leaking hand faucet; stress can stare you at your face in all shapes and forms. The term stress is more scientific than you presume it to be. Our body releases hormones during a taxing situation as a defence mechanism. These supply energy and blood to our heart and brain, required to decide whether to ‘fight’ or ‘flight’. However, if such taxing situations keep cropping up in our lives, we ultimately fall prey to the harmful effects of stress. 

Prolonged exposure to the detrimental effects of stress leads to several health issues like heart conditions, breathing ailments, blood pressure or mental and nervous breakdowns. Thus, it is essential that you deal with the issue of stress before it turns into something ugly. Though there cannot be any one prescribed route to beat stress, yet you can hope to include certain practices in your daily routine, which can manage stress pretty well.  

Steps to Beat Stress:

Break a Sweat

One of the best tried and tested methods that fit every bill and works like a miracle, are exercises. Channel all your pent up stress, anger and agony in a useful way by working out. Even if you do not engage in heavy exercises, walk around, jog or go for a run. It really helps. It keeps your blood flowing through your body and helps your brain function better than ever. 

Meditation is a powerful stress-reducer


Meditation might sound philosophical or maybe even spiritual. However, this age-old practice helps you leave your troubles behind and elevates your mood. Once you start practising meditation every day, you will gradually feel your body working in sync and following a harmonious rhythm. Meditation relieves people of stress, and all you women out there, make it a point to meditate for at least 15 minutes every day. You have enough problems on your plate. Ease up your life and let your hair down once a while.

Take a Social Media Sabbatical

Every time I feel restless or stressed out, I clear my digital space and sometimes even delete my social media accounts. It has worked well for me so far. However, you do not have to go to the extremes of deleting accounts. You could consider taking a sabbatical. Disconnect from social media and take an evening stroll. Walk bare feet on wet grass and feel Mother Nature lifting the weight off your body.

Eat Healthy

Half of our health issues can be beaten if we maintain a proper diet. Fruits, vegetables and low caffeine intake can turn your life around for the better. Start following a simple but healthy diet and keep your heart health as well as your hormones in proper check.

See a Therapist

There is a lot of stigma concerning mental health and reaching out for help. Society is unforgiving and brutal. It judges people who cry out for help and judge them again when they crumble under the weight of mental issues and take the drastic decision to end their life. However, do not let society tell you otherwise. Reach out for help whenever you feel the need for it. See a therapist if stress gets to you, and make your life better. The society will not help you. You have to help yourself. 

Stress is not exclusive to women. It is a grave health issue that affects millions across the globe irrespective of their age or gender and sucks the marrow out of their lives. Therefore, though the article caters to problems women face in their lives, and how those can lead to them being victimised by stress, the aforementioned points have proven useful to every age and gender. Take charge of your lives and live happy. In the case of women, understand that there is no knight in shining armour. You are your knight in shining armour. You will have to deal with everything that life throws at you and emerge triumphant. That is the entire notion of ‘survival of the fittest’.

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