7 Reasons Why Women Need Testosterone

Number of people doesn’t know that Testosterone is the hormone which not only men but women also produce in their body and this hormone is in no way bad for woman body.

When women seek to tone their figure, they need this hormone. The production of Testosterone in women is not as equal to men, as female body generates insignificant amount of this hormone with age.

Below are the 7 ways Testosterone is Impacting Women Body

Weight Lifting Enhances Testosterone

Such increase of hormone won’t be making the body bulky rather it would build muscle mass. Couples into weight lifting are reported to enjoy better sex life. However, the repetition range of weight lifting needs to range between 3-5, balance the heavy lifting with light and each workout should be in 4-5 sets. Together with lighter weight circuit weight training should be practiced. Growth hormone plays role in building muscle mass and intense circuit weight training plus interval cardio trigger generation of growth hormone. Certainly, these types of exercises improve your free testosterone and maintain balance or sometimes enhance the same if required.

Contributing to Bone Mass and Muscle, Testosterone Triggers Sex Drive

Women who are suffering from testosterone deficiency would find relief in testosterone replacement. With the increase in Testosterone bone density perks up. As per few survey and research work, this hormone also triggers sex drive thus influencing overall life. As per New England Journal of Medicine right after administering this hormone on some women to increase their level of testosterone, their sexual, as well as overall quality of life, improved.

Should All Women Have Their Testosterone Levels Checked

Clinically found, that right after menopause the level of testosterone drops but not as speedily as estrogen. Those have their ovaries detached for some reason, undergo the severity of insufficient testosterone production. So usually women who have their ovaries removed to those have lost their pituitary gland are the one requiring testosterone administration. When pituitary gland is missing, reduced amount of hormone would be generated and gradually there would be testosterone deficiency.

How Important Replacement Therapy Is

Certainly, low testosterone poses no abrupt health hazard but in some cases like when individuals experience a fracture or any other bone risk, Testosterone replacement therapy can provide help. Testosterone helps in strengthening bone and the fall of muscle mass can easily be prevented. When a woman during post-menopause undergoes hormone replacement therapy, the balance among all the hormones should be maintained, as it will help pituitary to send out signal for hormone functioning.

The Possible Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement

When proper and adequate dosages are administered there is least chance for side effects. Right after measuring the blood levels it is quite easier to monitor the dosage. When testosterone is administered in an excessive measure, there would be acne, extreme hair growth also hair loss. Excessive testosterone also triggers decline in high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels (HDL). High-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels (HDL) is identified as the good cholesterol.

The Other Androgens

Among varying hormones, DHEA is the one that declines with growing age. As per the clinical report, DHEA perks up sexual capability in women whose adrenal glands are not active. Even breast cancer is likely to heal with this alternative treatment.

Testosterone Comes With Anti-Aging Effects

This hormone is notable for transforming fat into muscle also it perks up the mineral density of bone. Women feel more relaxed and stress handling turns out easier. Low testosterone is likely to induce a heart attack. Some women are seen feeling cold all the time, also their thyroid levels are simply adequate. Now all these symptoms hint at the inadequate level of testosterone. Not much but insignificant amount of testosterone can improve not only looks but overall figure, the level of energy also the perception of life. Testosterone improves sexual life also help in taking full enjoyment of sexual encounter.

During puberty women are seen to be producing higher amount of testosterone. It is during their 20s that women produce the excessive amount of testosterone. But with growing age, this production reduces and the time comes when such production declines so much that women lose sex drive totally.  Often it is seen that oral contraceptives ingestion suppresses all their sex hormones, thus making them entirely least interested in sexual activity also telling upon their health miserably. When a woman reaches their expected menopause, the level of testosterone will typically be lower in a measure.


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