Bad Habits That Affect Your Teeth

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Although you clean your teeth after every meal, and use floss and mouthwash (exactly what your dentist has recommended) oral health problems can occur. Find out why, what bad habits affect your teeth.

Are you used to bite your nails in stressful situations or to make use of teeth for tearing packages? Did you know that such habits are harmful to your teeth? Here are some gestures that you must avoid.

Opt for a Soft Bristled Toothbrush

Although many believe that the toothbrush must be firm for a better cleaning, this is totally false, especially for adults with an advanced age. With the passing years, gums withdrawn leaving the roots exposed, and this can cause sensitivity.

Is Your Brushing Method Correct?

Experts recommend that teeth brushing has to be made at least twice a day and the brush must be changed once every 3-4 months. Also use floss daily. If you do not know how to use it, ask your doctor some advice on its use. Brush gently!

Avoid Fizzy Drinks

You like drinking fizzy drinks or iced drinks and than eat the ice left In the glass? Although it can be fun, is not really recommended for your teeth. Chewing ice can cause cracks in the teeth, and these cracks can turn into bigger problems in time. If you feel the need to chew something, opt for something healthier, both for your teeth and whole body, such as carrots. Fizzy drinks are harmful for your teeth because the CO2 attacks the enamel and in time, decays can appear.

Do Not Use Your Teeth as a Bottle Opener!

According to dentists, more people use their teeth in various actions that can harm their teeth: to open bottles to break or to straighten a forks teeth. Using the teeth in such activities can have a traumatic effect on them, causing cracks and even holes.

Some Quick Tips for Healthy Teeth!

  • Chew sugar free gum after every meal. This stimulates production of saliva, which neutralizes the acid in the mouth. Water consumption may also help. Water rinses the teeth and reduces the amount of acid in the mouth;
  • Brushing teeth after every meal is a part of the teeth care. But, to protect them, you should not brush your teeth at least an hour after you’ve consumed acidic food or drinks, because the enamel is softer and you can harm your tooth;
  • Go regularly to a dental consultation. You get help and advice on how to protect your teeth.
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