5 Trends to Inspire Your Prom Dress Pick

Prom is the event you look forward to all school year. When prom season arrives at long last, finding the perfect dress becomes top priority. Keep this season’s trends in mind when dress hunting and aim to strike that just-right balance between being fashionably on trend and true to your personal style. Have all eyes on you by picking the perfect dress to flaunt on prom night!


How to Prevent and Treat Rosacea?

Some people suffer from this skin disease and not know they have it! Rosacea are some cherry threads, like superficial blood vessels that appear on the nose (nostrils extremities) and cheeks! They produce strong skin irritations when exposed to very strong sunshine, when it is very cold, or when the wind blows very strong! For many women is a very serious problem and they try to improve it, even cure it!

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How to Look Fresh After a Memorable Night

Did you just get home this morning and hardly hear the alarm? Do you have the impression that you have just gotten into bed and that you already have to wake up? Ah, but it was worth the last night – how much fun, how fun! Oh and what muscular fatigue you have! Here is what I propose you to do to look fresh, so that no one can read tireness on your face!

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How to Be Beautiful by Eating Healthy

Skin, hair and nails are a barometer of our health. Digestion, metabolism and hormonal system are more important than what we do externally for our beauty.

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8 Myths About Some Common Beauty Tips

We grew older with some beauty tips that we often wonder if they really work or even if they are true or just plain myths.

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15 Rules to Help You Manage Your Weight Loss

You know that sports or dieting from time to time does not help you on the long run if you don’t switch your lifestyle altogether. Let’s start with those little eating habits that seems to stop you from losing weight.

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10 Celebrities Share Their Tricks and Tips for Beauty

Seeing them on the red carpet or on glossy interviews makes you wonder what are top celebrities beauty tips, right? Well, let’s see some of them.


7 Beauty Tips for Great Eyelashes

I compiled a short list of beauty tips for your eyelashes, not them down.


Tips for Sexy Legs and Butt

Sexy legs and but? Yes, please.


How to Make a Perfect Pedicure at Home? Tips for a Successful Pedicure

Many of us are afraid to check the beauty salons because we are afraid of not properly sterilized instruments, right? Or sometimes we do not have time to go to our favourite beauty salon. For your pedicure, whether you choose the beauty salon or you prefer to do your pedicure at home, you should not forget, ladies.. the legs deserve to be pampered as much as the hands, especially in summertime!