Athleisure Wear and Wellness Trends Going Into 2022

This makes sure that it’s not lovely weather that keeps them sports-ready. In this post, we’ll look at some of the loftier fashion trends for spring/summer 2022.

While designers generate looks as early as three years before they’re worn by the public, by 2022, we’ll likely have a better understanding of which of these trends appear fleeting. And which ones have the potential to become permanent fixtures in our wardrobes.

Beyond Sportswear

As modern consumers seek ways to balance their busy schedules, the overall adoption of the athleisure trend has prompted the recent development of activewear fabrics, styles, and functionality. Activewear represents fast-growing segments for performance fabrics. This enhances consumer confidence in choosing clothes with both fashionable appeal and functional performance capability.

As office dress codes loosen and the casual dress becomes the norm, interest in athleisure — clothing designed for workouts and post-workout — has risen exponentially. With the athleisure trend, shoppers seek comfort, variety, and innovative design with a touch of tech. They expect apparel that meets the demands for comfortable wear in any environment. This includes when traveling or running errands during their own time. The interest in wearable tech is a key driver behind this trend.

Sportswear brands have been flourishing in today’s athleisure trend. With the rise of the Millennial generation, who are pushing activewear into their everyday wardrobe, these brands are latching onto this movement. This is by extending their brand beyond workout clothes. Outdoor performance brands are also expanding into athleisure, adding features like stretchable fabric technology.

Inclusion of Nature in Activewear

The trend in activewear made from sustainable materials is to create an awareness of the positive impact of this type of material. Nature is being represented through being organic, being natural, and being sustainable. This trend has changed the way people choose activewear for themselves. With people looking at environmentally responsible principles when making a choice.

Athleisure wear is taking the world by storm, effectively replacing the gym wear culture in men and women. People are shunning the traditional garments of leggings, sneakers, sweatshirts, and women’s jackets. The concept provides the versatility to match many outfit choices. Beyond being comfy but edgy with designs that complement your lifestyle needs.

Innovations in fabric science based on the benefits of natural ingredients are creating an inclusive wellness trend that will be widely used in the industry. These innovations include mineral, botanicals, clay particles, herbal extracts, algae extracts, proteins, fibers, nut extracts, Omega oils, and more for multiple functional performance properties.

Using natural additives also provides natural skincare benefits without depositing color or texture to the fabric surfaces.

Rise of Community Focused Forums

One major trend for athletic activities and wellness is the rise of social media communities. This trend is best exemplified in the growing popularity of online forums. For years, forums have been around, but they have been lagging social media platforms in terms of traffic and engagement.

Communities help users find new resources and share ideas with the community. Communities build lasting relationships between members. There is also evidence that these communities can be financially beneficial for their members. They allow members to be part of the decision-making process on product development.


One significant aspect of Athleisure is wellness. Everyone has their workout routine, and it has gone from something you might do as a chore. To something almost as important as eating and sleeping.

Wellness has become a lifestyle, and we can all agree it’s better than eating cakes on the sofa. Another way we see wellness getting reworked into fashion is through meditations and yoga. No one can escape the quote ‘find your center, and the rest will follow, and it’s finally making headway in fashion.


Athleisure wear is here to stay, as are wellness products. And although the trend for this style of clothing will probably continue well into the future, it may shift away from purely athletic apparel towards more everyday apparel. The same goes for wellness products, which have become ingrained in everyday life for many people. It’s hard to say what the future will bring in fashion and health product trends. So, watch this space to stay up-to-date on any potential changes!

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