Her complete name is Amy Jade Winehouse. She is 26 years old and a Virgo :).

Her complete name is Amy Jade Winehouse. She is 26 years old and a Virgo :). We refer to the zodiac sign. She was born in September 14, 1983. She was born in London, in a Jewish family.

Even though her debut was in 2003 with the album “Frank,” she started singing much earlier, around the age of 13, when she got her first guitar. After that first album, miss Winehouse kid of disappeared from the scenes, and she came back in 2006, with the album “Back to Black.” And from then we can hear about her almost every day at the local radio stations. Her special voice and her jazz-influence music turned her into the “London’s spoiled child” and one of our favorite’s singers.

Her personal life is still a mess as we all know…she got married Blake Fielder-Civil in 2007. Now, she got divorced. She has drugs problems and doctors proved that she had serious mental problems.

We have little bit more interest in the artist’s looks than her personal life. So, we gathered information from here and there and we offer you this article, for those who appreciate this strange style of hers.

First of all, her hair. Long, black hair. She wears it in a funky 40’s style, in a high up-do that looks a little trashy. Almost all the time she wears a big artificial flower in it, or a big ribbon…with lots and lots of colors, so her hair won’t look that artificial and dull.

Amy’s make-up: it’s kind of simple. A very thick black line on her top eyelid. Very well shaped eye-brows, but nothing else in rest. Everything seems to look normal. If you want to copy her style, we advice you to analyze your face shape and see if this make-up style would suite you. This is a “how-to” video that we got from YouTube. It might help you if you want to get closer to her looks.


Now, let’s see what she is wearing. Well…her silhouette is…kind of trashy and she is sooo skinny. But we all know that size 0 is kind of obsession these days, so there are probably many girls around the world who love her style. She wears her body covered with tattoos, and funky clothes. Amy Winehouse wears sleeveless t-shirts or tank tops that show off her slender frame. While she favors black, ribbed shirts, she also wears a white tank top regularly. Regarding her jeans, Amy Winehouse is usually seen wearing skinny jeans. In her large collection of skinny jeans, she has colors all over the rainbow. And you probably saw her wearing ballerina flats. What amazes me is the difference between Amy Winehouse on the street and Amy Winehouse on stage. She looks so natural when you see her here and then, but when she sings she looks like a completely other person.

We selected some photos that we consider representative for her style, so you can choose what and how to combine. Good luck!


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