A New Wedding Trend: Custom Wedding Songs

While many modern couples are electing to dismiss many wedding traditions, the first dance is still performed at nearly 90% of weddings.

In fact, there are more couples that perform a first dance than couples that perform the cake-cutting ceremony, or the bouquet toss. The first dance is one of the most worried about events of the whole wedding. With everyone from grandma to college roommate sitting in the audience, all eyes are on you and your partner. Not only is the dance itself stressful, but picking a song to dance to in the first place There are endless amounts of options out there to choose from, but which song really fits your love story?

The Washington Postarticle ’11 ways to find the perfect first dance song’ highlights all the things you can do to find the perfect song for your big moment. The article suggests:

  • Pick something significant and sentimental
  • Listen to your music libraries on shuffle
  • As a friend or family member
  • Use your venue as inspiration
  • Steal your favorite celebrity couple’s song choice
  • Look for Washington power couples for inspiration
  • Play your favorite movie soundtrack
  • Enlist your DJ or band for help
  • Consider a mash-up if you’re stuck between 2 songs
  • Record your own unique track
  • Google ‘’wedding songs’’ if you’re still at a loss

You might do all of these recommended things, but still can’t find the song that really tells your story and how you feel about your significant other. It can be a pretty frustrating process if you can’t seem to narrow it down or agree on any song. A new trending idea is to have a custom wedding song written for your first dance. Option number 10 above suggests recording your own soundtrack, but how much better would it sound if a professional did it for you?

Lindsey Harper, singer and songwriter, can write your custom wedding song when you and your partner give her background on your unique love story. Lindsay even shows up for live performances if requested with enough advanced notice.

Couple David and Lauren Bolt described their experience with Lindsey as follows.

“Where do we begin? We asked Lindsey to sing a song at our wedding. She was absolutely incredible! She captured the whole reception of almost 260 people with her beautiful voice. Lindsey’s performance was one of our most favorite moments of our wonderful day. We had family and friends come up to us asking who she was and commenting how amazing and powerful her voice is. The girl can sing! And bring an audience to “aww”! We are so thankful to her for giving us such a special memory on our day. Thank you Lindsey!”

Another couple, Austin and Madison McDonald simply could not decide on a wedding song. Instead they enlisted the help of Lindsey Harper and her ability to write custom wedding songs. They wrote:

“When picking a “wedding song” we wanted something unique and truly us. We had seen Lindsey sing a custom song for one of our friends’ wedding. Not only were the lyrics specific to this couple so moving, but also so was her voice. It was in that moment, that we realized we wanted our song to be about our love story, snug with the raw richness of Lindsey’s voice. She brought to life our love story through her creative process of personally interviewing each of us individually. She was able to capture our love story to its essence. When we heard the first cut, we were beyond delighted! Her final performance on the day of our wedding was absolutely breathtaking! We recommend anyone who wants that extra special touch for their wedding, to hire Lindsey.”

With custom wedding songs being on the rise and Lindsey’s talents being so incredible, there’s no longer a need to find a pre-existing song that matches your love story. Instead, create your own.



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