6 Oral Care Tips to Improve the Appearance of Your Teeth

Here are some mind-blowing oral care tips to improve the appearance of your teeth and get the perfect smile of your dream.

Not so happy with the way your teeth look? Whether it is yellowish hue or the crooked look, imperfect teeth somewhere hamper the self-confidence. A bright, attractive smile is something that helps you make a winning first impression.

Whether you are landing that big promotion or scoring a date with your long-time crush, a glowing, radiant grin is a key to win the heart. 

But not all people are blessed with naturally beautiful teeth.  And if you are one of those who usually keep your mouth shut while taking a selfie to hide that discolored, cracked and chipped teeth, you no longer need to do that.

Here are some mind-blowing oral care tips to improve the appearance of your teeth and get the perfect smile of your dream.  

Go for a Teeth Cleaning

The formation of plaque and tartar can eat away at the tooth enamel and lead to tooth decay when left untreated. 

Sometimes brushing and flossing fall short when it comes to cleaning your teeth. So, it is advised to schedule a teeth-cleaning session with your dentist every six months to keep your teeth clean, healthy and odor free.

Undergo Whitening Treatments

When you have teeth with definite yellow hue instead of a healthy white, teeth whitening is the way to go. Various teeth whitening treatments like toothpaste and mouthwashes are there that promise overnight result. 

But don’t fall into the trap as using such teeth whitening products don’t seem to make much difference. Having whitening treatments under the care of a dental professional is the best way to get the shine back on your teeth. 

Usually, the whitening toothpaste is packed with sodium bicarbonate that lifts lighter stains. But this is not going to give the Hollywood smile you truly covet.

Straighten Your Crooked Teeth

Do you have a couple of teeth that are out of line with the rest? It is daunting to see those crooked teeth every time you brush. And it may be fine for a teenager to have train tracks.

With acne and a cracking voice box, dental bling is the last thing you think about achieving as a teenager.  But in the boardroom, when you do your best in everything, having a good impression with crooked teeth is tough to pull off.

Although in some cases, it might go unnoticed to others, it affects your look and annoys you the most whenever you see a mirror.

Fortunately, crooked teeth can be fixed with Invisaline retainers or incognita that functions like train tracks attached behind the teeth.

A dentist can suggest you the best way to proceed after examining the condition of your teeth.  Remember, there are ways to get it sorted. So there are chances that your crooked teeth will be straight in no more than a year.

Restore Your Smile by Filling the Gaps

Have tiny gaps in between several teeth? It affects your appearance as you will not want anyone to see those gaps while you are smiling. But there are some easy solutions that can bring your smile back.  Employing a combination of crowns and bridges will seal the gaps and give it a fuller appearance.

The space left empty by a missing tooth can be filled by this bridge, and the false tooth can be connected to the real ones on each side by using crowns.  For tiny gaps in between the teeth, veneers will work wonder. It fills in the gaps between the teeth and keeps the teeth in proportion.

Take Care of Chips and Cracks

Another thing that wrecks your smile is the wear and tear on the teeth. This not only impacts your look but also increase the odds of developing other dental ailments.

Veneers work great for cracked or chipped teeth, and it also prevents more cracking. Consult your dentist to repair chipped teeth using crowns and prevent cavities. 

Sometimes it is your teeth grinding habit that damages your teeth while sleeping. Once the crowns are in place, wearing a mouth guard at night can prevent you from grinding your teeth.

Ditch Stain Causing Food and Drink

If you are a slave to red wine or morning coffee or tea, you are making it hard for your teeth to stay clean and white.  Colas, gravies, and dark juices are some other culprits to blame for your dingy tooth.

Such food and drinks can cause internal staining of your tooth enamel and increase the chances of tooth decay.  If you can’t ditch it, try to drink it through straws and rinse your mouth with water so that the dark liquid does not stay on your teeth for a long period.

Also, avoid smoking as sometimes it causes the stain to soak deep into enamel and result in gum disease. 

Wrapping Up

Remember, your smile is the first thing that people notice about you. And achieving a healthy smile takes time and effort.  If you really want to get a sparkling smile and healthy teeth, be patient and take extra care of your teeth. Keep the above effective tips in mind and find a dentist near you to have a regular dental checkup. Having glittery white grin will not only improve your look but also take your confidence to the next level. Keep Smiling!

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