5 Myths About Coffee and Your Health You Need to Stop Believing

Everyone drinks coffee.If not everyone, then at least a lot of people all over the world enjoy it. In some countries it is the beverage of choice and a day starts with a sip of coffee.

That same popularity means that many things are attributed to coffee and some of those things are not necessarily true. In the next few minutes, you will learn about the top myths about coffee and your health.

5 Myths About Coffee and Your Health

Coffee lovers claim all kinds of benefits can be derived from drinking coffee and they might be right but sometimes those claims are wrong. There are certain myths about coffee and your health which should be debunked.

Here are five of those myths:

  1.   Coffee Causes Dehydration

It is often claimed that drinking coffee will cause dehydration. This is untrue. Coffee is a diuretic, which means that it will cause you to urinate more. That’s the cause of the dehydration myth.

Researchers have found that the hydration level between coffee drinkers and non-drinkers are the same. Though coffee will cause you to urinate more, the water it contains will offset that effect. So, drinking a cup of coffee will not lead to dehydration at all.

  1.   It Should Not Be Consumed Before a Nap

This myth would seem to make sense. After all, caffeine is a stimulant and it will keep you awake. To be clear, we’re not talking about a full night’s sleep here, but just quick short naps that would take half an hour at the most.

The alertness that can be derived from caffeine will peak thirty minutes after drinking coffee. So, drinking a cup right before napping is just ideal because when you wake up, the effect of the coffee is just peaking. Caffeine will also prevent the body from falling into the deeper state of sleep, which leads to a feeling of being tired after waking up.

In other words, drinking coffee before taking a nap is in fact a good idea.

  1.   Coffee Can Counter the Effects of Alcohol

When someone is drunk, what is the remedy that is often recommended for them to sober up quickly? A cup of coffee. However, experts say that coffee cannot clear the effects of alcohol. Based on research, mixing alcohol (depressant) with caffeine (stimulant) might in fact be harmful.

The truth is that the people who drink coffee while drunk still have the same slow response time as those who do not consume caffeine.  The problem is that since they believe coffee has made them sober, they could do things, like driving, which can lead to accidents.

  1.   Caffeine is Unhealthy

There are those who believe that caffeine and coffee in general is unhealthy and that it can lead to health problems. The truth is that caffeine has proven health benefits.

For example, caffeine is known to increase metabolism, increase alertness, and improve mood. There was even a study by the American Heart Association which showed that drinking coffee helps to reduce premature death by as much as 15%.  There is still no study that has confirmed that caffeine reduces the risk of mortality, but there are indications pointing that way.

  1.   It Causes Sleeplessness

You have probably heard someone saying that they don’t drink coffee anymore because it causes sleeplessness and even insomnia. That is not true.

While caffeine is a stimulant and it will really keep you awake, its effects are immediate, and it is absorbed by the body. The body also expels caffeine quickly.

After ten hours, around 75% the caffeine you have consumed from a cup of coffee should be gone. That would depend on several factors, but you should get an idea of how quickly the body expels caffeine, so it shouldn’t lead to a condition like insomnia.

There are other myths that are often connected with caffeine and coffee. Those myths often prevent people from enjoying a good cup. What they don’t realize is that coffee has a lot of benefits in store for them.

What other drink is associated with a reduce rate of premature death? Maybe coffee is the elixir of life that humans been looking for so long.


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