Protect yourself against skin cancer

The price you may pay for a golden skin can be enormous, so, learn from us, methods to prevent skin cancer.

Every summer we dream about the perfect tan. Attention, however, to the price you may pay for that golden skin.

The number of skin cancer cases has increased at alarming rates (exceeding those of cervical cancer). And more worrying is that the sun is not our only enemy, and areas exposed to this type of cancer are increasingly numerous. Detected in the incipient state, the rate of survival after surgery is 99%, but what happens when melanoma is located in areas difficult to reach and not visible? What can happen it you find out too late?!

Types of skin cancer

You must know that there is more then one type of skin cancer, actually there are 3 types: basal cell carcinoma, squama cell carcinoma, and melanoma. The first two types are not so harming, and, if discovered early, you can fight easily with the illness. Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer, which affects deeper layers of the skin and has the potential to spread into other tissues of the body.

Sun, only one of the factors:

If you thought until now, that the sun is your number one enemy, let me tell you that there are more factors you should be afraid of. Recent studies have revealed these causes for skin cancer: Solar tanning, reducing the ozone layer and a poor immune system.

Extremely careful consideration:

The fastest and safest way to trace the cancer is the periodical examination. You must pay very much attention to any changes that you can see in these areas:  axilla, genital area, oral cavity, nose, eyelids, toes and the hands, breasts, scalp and even feet and palms.

Everything depends on you:

[singlepic id=366 h=170 float=left]Here are the thing you have to do in order to avoid danger as much as you possibly can:
• Avoid as much as you can, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, especially between 11-16 hours (hours of high risk)
• Increased attention to any changes that you see on the skin
Make periodic visits to your dermatologist
• Examine yourself regularly every day, month by month
Use high SPF creams and cosmetics, that are proper for your skin type
• Apply solar protection creams every two hours you sit at the beach
• Wear a hat for the beach and do not forget the sun glasses

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