5 exercises for sexy legs!

We want to be beautiful for ourselves. But we want to be appreciated by our lover too. And there are men who love a slender body, a voluptuous body, big breasts, sexy buttock…or, sexy legs. So, we should be careful with their desire and do our best to look great. In this article we shall offer you some advice about how easy you could get sexy legs with 5 easy steps.

Legs are the most visible when we, ladies, wear skirts or shorts. We recommend a few exercises so you can maintain them slender and sexy and improve their looks. You should start with a simple warming, because, even though the exercises are simple, they challenge your muscles pretty hard.

1.     The ideal exercise is lifting on your peep toes. We recommend that you put on the floor a big book or a small heavy box, so you can do the exercise in the following way: put your hands on a support, step up with your toes on the box, and make an up-down move, concentrating all the power from your peep-toes, descending your heels until the floor. You can do this exercise with both feet at the same time or with only one foot and then alternate.

[singlepic id=471 h=160 float=left]2.     Classical thrusts. You should do this exercise even with one leg in front of the other, keeping your back in perfect straight position, or you can choose doing them in one side or another, lateral moves.

3.     Flexing your knees, executed with both feet close to another, straight back and hands on your hips.

4.      Midget running 🙂 is very efficient, but you will get a great muscle fever unfortunately.

5.     Slow running on your peep-toes, for only 5-10 minutes, or a static jogging when you cook.

As you can see beauty exercises dedicated to your beautiful legs, have simple techniques and don’t involve any complicated exercises, nor based on a sophisticated philosophy. They are so easy to practice, and the best thing about them is that you can do these exercises in your own living room, while watching TV. We recommend that you do these exercises 4 times per week and in series of 40-50 exercises. In one month you should see great results! Good luck!

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6 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    Sexy legs is every man dream… So get to work ladies

  2. arig says:

    if i started on today, wen can i feel the difference

  3. andrea says:

    Yes, thank you for dragging my attention!
    And, Drucilla, i am sorry, if i had the possibility to take the pictures from somewhere i would have done it when i wrote the article. I will search something for you and update the article.

  4. Elisabeth says:

    I wouldn’t worry Drucilla, if the spelling and writing of this article is anything to go by, this lot haven’t the foggiest what they’re talking about anyway. By the way, author, it’s “We want to look good for ourselves”, not “we want to look good for us”.

    Also, we you suggest one foot position “than alternate” you mean “then alternate”. ‘Than’ is used to compare i.e. bigger than, while ‘then’ is used to move to the next in a sequence.

    Elementary English books should be available from all good book shops.

  5. drucilla says:

    i don’t understand what you mean by lifting/standing on peep toes, and midget running.

    all these unusual terms would be much better visualized if
    you had illustrations to accompany the exercises.

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