5 Difference Ways to Style Your Skirt

A skirt will be paired up in five different ways, from clothes already available in your closet to make a new fashion style in the most convenient way possible.

The most modern trend in the traditional occasions of the south Asian countries is a lehenga. Lehenga (a long skirt) is basically associated to the Hindu culture as it has a vast history.  Call it modern but it finds its roots back in time when people were more into getting themselves all covered but in a fancy way. Lehengas have never been old and they manage to have the same charm in designer clothes since it’s something super versatile and has the capability to be paired in many different ways in Pakistani and Indian special events. The fact that fashion keeps on evolving and one gets to have many new ideas with the liberty to dress the way they want; fashion statements are born that way.

Now for example, a lehenga dress might seem old-fashioned or confined to be worn on weddings or special occasions but the fact that it has been westernized in form of long skirts which are even the part of daily life dress code. Now when we talk about skirts, there is a wide range of tops and accessories that can be paired up in tons of ways and make a different way to wear them in your life ventures.

Here in this blog, a skirt will be paired up in five different ways, from clothes already available in your closet to make a new fashion style in the most convenient way possible.

So, first of all, the idea of a skirt needs to be clear here. A long full-length skirt mostly made out of a soft and flowy fabric that girls usually wear for the daily life events. It is twinned with simple tops that is quite boring and doesn’t really spice up your daily dressing. There are many ways you can wear your skirt and not look like a daily monotony.

White Shirt and Denim Jacket

So, the first idea to add to your skirt pairing is a simple white t-shirt with a denim jacket. Denim has always been an eye winner and looks almost good with anything. This is why you can wear a denim jacket with your skirt. To make a better contrast and make it look more presentable, you would like to add in your white t-shirt which will make it look chicer. Obviously, you can half button your jacket and wear up your skirt to call it a look but the shirt is going to add in the oomph to your whole outfit. And here we are, your outfit of the day is up for the win. Since a white shirt and denim is up the go, you can make it a bold look by adding red lipstick and we’re sure you won’t complain about the end result.

Fancy Overalls

We all have overalls in our closet, might be a leftover from a dress or ones that you never got the chance to wear. Well now here we have one. Your long skirt can look the best with your long overall buttoned just at the belt. It is the way people prefer how they would want to wear their skirt, many factors contribute to the dressing. For example, their body appearance, the weather, events, and everything. At this point, you can have a better idea of your accessories and the way you are going to wear them. You can even pair your skirt and your overall with a fancy shirt with bling accessories which will make it look fancier. At the end of the day, it’s your approach how can look better in your dress.

Dress Shirts

People who belong to the cooperate sector and have their links to the working sector will always have dress shirts in their closet. You can simply wear a dress shirt, tuck one side in your skirt and you are good to go. You can prefer a dark color shirt with your light-colored skirt and make it look better. Some people also wear a casual shirt inside the dress shirt, the double shirt fashion and that looks more casual, better for your daily wear outfits. As we always say, it’s all about your fashion sense and how you would like to wear an outfit. Dress shirts make you look decent and chic. So, when you know how to make yourself more elegant then you can have a better outlook at your dress. So why not pre wearing all your outfits, either with the shirt or without it, maybe tucking one side in or the whole of it. You get to know what looks better on you.

A Block Heel or a Wedge

When you plan an outfit, it is always incomplete without the shoes that you wear. It is necessary to know what length of the dress is compatible with what type of shoes. Your heels or flats will obviously make an impact on your overall look. The way you would walk and the presentation of you on a whole level. So, with the skirt, since it is a full length and you don’t want it messing with your feet, you should prefer wearing it with a wedge, platform heel, or a block heel. This will not only make you look taller but also have an impact on the way you will look and also you will have an easier way to walk. No matter how good your dress is, it doesn’t look presentable, it won’t look good on you.

Skirts and Accessories

You don’t always have to be inside a particular box or stick to one particular dress code, experimenting with your accessories makes you get a better idea of what suits you and whatnot. Hoops. Statement neckpieces, long necklaces always are a better option to style your skirt with. It adds extra bling to your bland skirt which is always a good option for your skirts.

What you wear represents who you are then why not something that adds more to your personality and makes you talk of the day.

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