5 Changes You Have to Do in Order to Stay Healthy

Your current choices affect your health in the future – make healthy choices and feel their positive effects in the coming years!

1.Think Positive

If you change the words you use to talk about nutrition and your body , you will have more chances to lose weight, according to the book „Every Word has Power „by Yvonne Oswald. When you have a positive speech about your diet you do nothing but to increase your chances of making the right choices!

2. Floss

Daily! Simply ignoring this gesture can increase the risk of paradontosis. Inflammation generated by  paradontosis can lead to the emergence of heart disease.

3. Learn to Cook!

So you manage to eat more at home, a good thing, for your health and your diet – the opposite habit of eating fast food. Be careful, though: most of us tend to use too much oil for vegetables or meat, what can we affect our diet and quality of food.

4. Stop Smoking!

Besides the major stressors (such as death of someone close) ages nothing ages and damages our body more than smoking. To give up cigarettes is the best decision you can take for your body, your health and beauty.

5. Walk

A 30-minute daily walk can have wonderful effects in the long term. Is the best way to keep your arteries young and to develop your immune system – two indispensable ingredients for a healthy, happy life.

Also, I have found another list of 15 tips on starting a healthy lifestyle – check them out and event make a desktop saver out of all 20 of them! 🙂

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