4 Skincare Features to Look for in Your Autumn Beauty Products

The leaves on the trees are beginning to turn brown, you’ve started wearing your favourite jumpers again, and find yourself reaching for a hot beverage instead of a cold drink with an umbrella in the top. Yes, autumn is nearly upon us.
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Although the holidays are over and Christmas is still some time off, autumn has its own undeniable charms for us to enjoy. However, as a transitional season, it has its own pitfalls for your daily skin care routine: although the temperature is starting to drop, it can still get extremely sunny. This means you need to maintain a careful balancing act with your skin care routine, and start paying more attention to the ingredients in the beauty products you’re using. Let’s look at some key features you want to be on the lookout for when shopping for cosmetics, to ensure that your skin stays in tip-top condition throughout the season.

lip balm

1.Lip Balms

With temperatures dropping, even the most naturally juicy of lips can start to get dry and chapped. Since lips lack the protective waterproofing layer that the rest of our skin has, they are much more susceptible to loss of moisture. One common item people reach for to remedy this is vaseline, but this product can do more harm than good: a petroleum jelly byproduct, vaseline doesn’t allow the skin on the lips to breathe, and can exacerbate chapped lips in the long run. Instead, choose a lip balm that has quality active ingredients like shea butter or beeswax that is both rich in nutrients and also kind to your skin, leaving you with soft and healthy lips whatever the weather.


2. Moisturisers

If you’ve been out in the hot sunshine during the summer months, your skin may be more dehydrated than usual. This is why autumn is such a crucial period for moisturising, so you can have a regimen in place to maintain optimum moisture levels before winter arrives and conditions get even harsher. If you’ve noticed yourself having dry skin already, be sure to find good quality moisturising agents with the right ingredients to keep your face fresh, such as hyaluronic acid which has abundant moisturising qualities. If you have a skin type that had a natural tendency to be oily, it might sound like overkill to use a heavy moisturising cream, but there are still benefits to be had from keeping a mild moisturiser in your cosmetics regimen: choose an oil-free formula that can complement your natural dermatology. Using natural oils is another good option for autumnal moisturising, as they provide gentle hydration without the dangers of irritating ingredients. Be sure to stay away from moisturisers with cheap synthetic ingredients in them like drying alcohol, which can actually lessen your skin’s moisture levels with long-term use.


3. Exfoliation

In the wake of summer, you may find you’ve accumulated greater deposits of dry, dead skin particles on your face and in your pores, so it’s a great idea to dive head first into an intensive exfoliation regime. In fact, it’s even a good idea to up your exfoliation sessions to twice a week during this season. Exfoliating helps encourage cellular regeneration and clears away dead skin, which makes it easier for your skin to absorb the benefits of moisturisers and other facial beauty products. For a good quality exfoliating scrub, choose one that contains an active ingredient sourced from nature. Some common examples include:

  • Crushed apricot kernels
  • Crushed almond shells
  • Crushed sugar & salt crystals


Be sure to avoid products that use plastic microbeads as an exfoliating agent, as these are bad for the environment whilst also being unkind to skin.

Hand Creams

4. Hand Creams


Whilst worrying about our facial beauty regimen, it’s easy to forget to care equally for our hands, which are especially vulnerable to dropping temperatures and biting winds as they’re often more exposed than the rest of the body. The skin on the hands doesn’t produce as much oil naturally as skin on the rest of our body, which makes them much more prone to dryness, that can even lead to cracked, bleeding skin in extreme cases. The best defense here are rich, buttery hand creams, where a single application can last throughout the whole day. Don’t forget to keep a pair of gloves on you when heading out as well.

If you lock down these four areas of skincare with good quality beauty products, you can be certain that you’ll be glowing all throughout autumn, even as the evenings draw in. It’s the time of the year where things begin to get cozy, so start from within and give yourself the autumnal beauty regime that your skin deserves.

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