15 Beauty Tips on How to Cheat With Your Hands

There are certain tips and tricks to learn that can make your hands look the softest, best-kept and most glamorous hands around.

Camouflaging the flaws is something we should all learn to do, and do unashamedly to achieve the best beauty effect. Hands, an important and visible part of you, are difficult to hide forever in pockets or bury inside gloves. Whether your hands are perfect or not doesn’t mean they can’t look perfect. It’s all a matter of camouflage, disguise, and yes, even trickery.

1. Short Fingers

If you have short fingers (and many women do) it is possible to camouflage their shortness and make them look longer. Your nails can help here. Take care of them by eating plenty of protein and green vegetables, as well as dairy products for calcium. This will promote growth and ensure a strong texture. A long, oval-shaped nail will camouflage a short finger, because a longer nail tapers the line of the finger.

Rings, unless very delicate and thin, are not ideal for short fingers as they cut off the line of the finger in the middle. Also, nail polish brings the eye straight to the fingertips giving the illusion of longer fingers.

2. Short Nails

If your nails just persist in being short, right shape is a perfect camouflage. As curved a shape as possible always makes the nail look longer and sleeker. Leave whatever length you have at the top of the nail and gently taper the sides down with an emery board. The fashion trend is towards shorter nails for easy care and minimum fuss, so you’ll be most fashionable with your shorties.

3. Wide Nails

To camouflage wide nails (and short ones too), choose a vibrant shade of polish and when applying it leave the very side sections of the nails without polish, thus thinning the nail and making it appear longer. Applying a centre vertical stripe in a pale cream enamel over a deeper shade also gives the illusion of a longer nail.

4. Clean Your Nails and Fingertips

If you have trouble keeping your nails and fingertips looking clean, you should wash them thoroughly with a pure, mild soap, then apply hand cream and really massage it in.

5. Wrinkled Hands

To cheat with wrinkled hands is difficult but constant application of a good hand cream over the backs of your hands and on the wrists will soften and minimize the wrinkles. If you’re really desperate try painting a lighter shade of foundation into the lines and then covering the whole hand with a light application of normal tone foundation.

6.Broken Nails

To disguise a broken nail when you’re about to go out you need to invest in a nail repair kit. It works by a piece of mending tissue bonded over the nail which mends the broken nail until it grows out again. With polish on it looks exactly like your other nails.

7. Age Spots and Blemishes

To camouflage age spots or any blemishes on the backs of your hands, apply a skin-coloured foundation base to give an even tone.

8. Wear Your Hands Beautifully

If you feel your hands look awkward, the only way to camouflage that is to learn to hold them beautifully, and really feel they are beautiful. Don’t make your hands the focal point of your look, play up your eyes or your smile if they’re your beauty assets. If you use your hands a lot in conversation, they will take on your personality, and their awkwardness won’t be noticeable.

9. Pamper Your Hands

Remember, it’s good to pamper your hands. Try at least one of these treats every week for the best hands you have ever had.

10. Olive Oil Works Wanders

To help clear up problems like detergent hands, badly bitten nails or skin, try warming a small amount of olive oil and apply it to the hands, nails and especially the skin around the nails. Then wear cotton gloves for about 10 minutes, remove the gloves and massage the oil properly into your nails and hands for another 10.

11. Apply Weat Germ Oils

The same treatment can be applied using wheat germ oil, which enriches the hands, and cuticles with vitamins.

12. Vitamin K

The oil from Vitamin K capsules is beneficial for skin, as it has healing properties for inflamed or broken skin.

13. Cream Leftovers

Whenever you apply a cream or moisturizer to any part of your face or body, wipe the leftover into your hands for an instant massage. After a shower, always apply hand cream.

14. Papaw Pulp

The pulp or the back of the skin of papaw is great for your skin. Hula dancers are supposed to use it as their beauty secret, working the pulp into the fingers and over the backs of their hands.

15. Invest in Good Products

Buy a wide range of products to care for your cuticles and nails, including nail varnish for the finishing touch to beautiful hands.

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