10 Tips to Cook Like a Pro for Your Loved One and Keep the Food Healthy

You’ve been dating for a little while and now your significant other is coming over to eat regularly. While you might have gotten away with eating nothing but takeout during your early years as a bachelor, you want to show your date that you can be responsible enough to cook and eat healthier. Here are ten tips you can use to cook like a professional and make sure that the dishes are healthy!

1. Try Pulling Dishes From Other Cultures

The first thing you can do to cook healthier is to borrow some dishes from other cultures. For example, Indian food is very flavorful but lacks the heavy fat content of typical American dishes. 

2. Use Different Spices for Unique Flavors

Instead of using salt in everything you eat, it’s time to break out some different kinds of spices. Try using baharat on your chicken instead of using creamy coverings and you will get the chance to have a more diverse palate in a healthier way.

3. Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

Planning your meals is crucial to being able to keep on track when eating in a healthier manner. Not only does is show that you’re putting some thought into your meals, but it shows your date that you can plan ahead, which is almost as important.

4. Replace Unhealthy Ingredients With Alternatives

People across the world love the carbohydrate-laden pasta noodles. However, you can get the same effect by integrating Zoodles, noodles made from zucchini, into your diet. They’re healthier and provide a new texture that you will love. 

5. Integrate More Vegetables Into Dishes

Vegetables are great way to fill yourself up while not loading yourself down with empty calories. Putting more veggies in your dishes will keep you fuller for longer while making sure that you are getting good nutrition.

6. Find New Sources of Protein

We tend to think of meat as the best source of protein, and while that is true there are other sources you can use. Try using beans and fish as a successful way of getting more protein without eating meats.

7. Learn How to Properly Cook Different Meats

Speaking of meats, you can’t just stay with the same steak and chicken recipes. You need to diverge into different cuts of beef, poultry, and even fish to make sure you are staying healthy.

8. Begin Using an Air Fryer Instead of Using Oil

Oil frying is tasty, but it comes at a severe health cost. Using an air fryer removes oil from the equation and lets you enjoy a healthier version of fried foods. 

9. Use Eggs Whites Rather Than Whole Eggs

Egg whites have fewer calories and less cholesterol than whole eggs with the yolk intact. That is why replacing your egg yolks with egg whites is a better choice for your health.

10. Use Less Cheese in Your Dishes, but Bolder Flavors

We know that cheese is a favorite addition to any food, but it comes with a lot of fat and calories in it. You can use less American cheese and use more bold flavors like sharp cheddar to get your fix while staying healthy. 

There are a lot of ways that you can improve your cooking to make sure that it is tasty and healthy. Borrowing dishes from other cultures, trying out new spices, and leaving out harsh ingredients like oil can be the key to healthy eating. Using these tips, you’ll make dishes that are simultaneously delicious and will show your date that you can be healthy as well.

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