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ExerciseBikesExpert suggests adopting a nutritious diet alongside a 30-minute spinning workout plan so that you make the most out of your indoor bicycle. While this in itself isn’t complicated at all, it might become a bit of a nuisance when you are short ontime. Fortunately, with the proper routine, you can achieve similar results in as little as 10 minutes per day.

The key to this lies in the hands of high-intensity interval training, or HIIT for short. Here is everything you need to know about it, as well as an example of a 10-minute program for your stationary bicycle that will promote healthy weight loss and muscle toning.

About High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

As the name suggests, high-intensity interval training is a type of workout that consists of increased difficulty periods with recovery intermissions sprinkled in between. Due to the considerable effort exertion involved, it is able to deliver visible results in shorter time frames, which is ideal in many situations.

According to California State University kinesiology professor Todd Astorino, more than 10 years of compiled data has proved once and for all that HIIT is as effective as lengthy aerobic exercises when it comes to reaching fitness goals. What is more, it works better in the case of some people than the traditional approach would.

Just a few minutes of high-intensity interval training per day not only shapes the body and supports you to lose weight, but it also improves circulatory health and keeps blood sugar levels at bay. Therefore, when you don’t have the time to engage in extensive cardio activities such as running, swimming, or cycling outdoors, it is the perfect solution.

With the help of HIIT, you can get in shape even when you have a busy schedule. After all, as little as 10 minutes per day work wonders. And if you own a spinner, you will be able to do it all from the comfort of your own home. This saves even more time, and it is cost-effective in the long run as well. Here is how to approach this type of training while cycling indoors.


Approaching It on the Bike

As previously mentioned, a lot of people nowadays want to get in shape, but barely have the time for it. If this is your case, then you most definitely need to try the 6-10-30 Indoor Cycling Workout, whose main promise is that you will “bike away fat in 10 minutes”. Although it was designed as a companion program for professional runners, anyone can benefit from it.

Hop on your spinner and warm your muscles up for 3 minutes. Afterward, it’s time for the intervals to start. The most appealing part of this exercise routine is that it consists of six in total, and they all follow the same structure. All you have to do is sprintfor 10 seconds using 15 to 17 resistance, then recover for 30 seconds with little to no resistance.

The final step is to cool down for 3 minutes at a moderate pace, similar to the one you used in the beginning. As you may very well be aware of by now, the entire circuit lasts for no longer than 10 minutes. And if you have 5 more minutes to spare, you can prolong the duration of the intervals so that you push harder for longer.

The Bottom Line

Spinning is one of the best physical activities when you want to get in shape at home. The ideal approach consists of 30-minute sessions coupled with a targeted diet and plenty of hydration. But when you don’t have that much time to spare, it’s important to know that you can achieve similar results in less than half the time as well.

The secret to this is working twice as hard for it. With the help of high-intensity interval training and the 6-10-30 spinning program, you can get in shape faster than ever without having to sacrifice your busy lifestyle for it. So, check out these recommendations if you want to be fit this summer, hop on your stationary bike and start pedaling.

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