10 Hairstyle Trends in 2016

The main trends in hairstyles in 2016 were observed at the International Exhibition in London, the largest event dedicated to professional stylists. We compiled 10 trends in hairstyles that we will probably see everywhere. Be inspired!
Hairstyle Trends 2016

It seems that short hair is a must have in 2016, short haircuts and aggressive; sometimes men hairstyles are the new inspiring trend for ladies who want a fresh look, in a modern, minimalist tint. The ones who do not want to cut their hair will adopt geometrical forms.

We can see that this year brings a lot of changes in terms of hairstyle, and the complicated hairstyles, elaborated and highly secured are no longer fashionable. The emphasis is on comfort and naturalness, simplicity. Stylists conclude that is better to choose to wear your hair more natural, with a simple bottom bun, romantic curls, twisted or braided tresses, a ponytail messy or you can do a bob haircut.

Here are 10 hairstyles ideas for 2016 that emerged from their opinions:

Tight Waves Hairstyle 2016

Bohemian Wavy Hairstyles

The bohemian style is so alluring thanks to its subtleness. There are many styles in the fashion world but the lovely bohemian style is the favorite one for elegant women. They find it very simple and sophisticated at the same time. If you are looking for some boho inspiration in your life then check out the stunning bohemian wavy hairstyles for 2016. You will fall in love with some of them.

Amanda Seyfried

Braided Tresses Hairstyles

Braided hair will always be in fashion. It is feminine, romantic, and comfortable to wear. In addition, the range of models is endless. You can play, you can experiment and combine all kinds of braids, depending on the type and length of hair, and each skill. It seems that this year the braids hairstyles will be on top as evidenced by presentations from fashion houses such as Givenchy, Valentino, Vivienne Westwood, so we want to offer you in the slideshow at the end of this article a few hairstyles fashionable and easy to perform. Enjoy!
with a twist 4

Twisted Hairstyles

Twisted and braided hairstyles lately became big trends and are seen on various fashion shows. Models rocking various twists and braids suggest us new ideas for stylish hairstyles and the ones that seem to become required in the world of fashion are considered by us and compile new catwalk hairstyles’ lists. Some of them are shown in the slideshow below. Have a look and keep your eye on some of them to use in the nearest future.
angled lob3

Angled Lob Hairstyles

Angled lobs (long angled bob) are the most versatile of all haircuts. You can wear it straight or wavy, style updos or half up hairstyles. The angled bob has made a gigantic comeback as far as popular hairstyles go. It works well for many hair types and has countless styling options. Although it is one of the chicest hairstyles even at its least dressed up point, there are still plenty of ways to put an interesting twist on this new-found classic cut! It seems that it seems that this long angled bob is not dated, being in the top of the hairstyle’s trends.
Messy Ponytails in Denim Color

Pretty & Casual Messy Ponytails

We know that for every woman sometimes each minute is important and can’t be wasted so we have found ideal ponytail hairstyles that will save your time and efforts and will allow you look attractive and feminine. One of this year’s top hairstyles is the messy ponytails.

Moreover, it is very easy to perform. So, all you will need to do to create them is pull your hair up and tie with a band without combing and polishing. You will get the most popular hairstyles for our reality that is worshipped not only by common ladies but by the most well-known celebrities.
Rihanna - Short Bob Hairstyle

Short Bob Hairstyle

There is a special group of women who are fond of short hairstyles. The short bob is created especially for these types of women. The short bob is meant to frame your face and bring out your beauty. If you do not have a short bob hairstyle on your list, think about getting it.


Kim Kardashian - Free Hair

Free Hair in Natural Texture

Do you own some healthy natural curls? You are very lucky! According to most stylists, you do not need anything – a fashionable look will be already guaranteed. To be in trend in 2016 you will just wash your hair, comb it and to leave it open back! The stylists from Versace, Rodarte, Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors, Celine, Ralph Lauren and many other brands have done the same in their presentations.

Charlize Theron - Updo Hairstyle

The Updo Hairstyle

There are many girls who spend less time on hair styling but look so pretty. You might be one of these lazy girls who need hair styling inspiration for this year. We will help you find out the best easy to do updo hairstyles for 2016.


Pixie Cut Hairstyle

The Pixie Hairstyle

The pixie hairstyle is very effortless and you don’t need to spend much time while styling it. It is trendy and keeps your hair away from your face. If you are afraid to wear these hairstyles because you think pixie haircuts don’t give you a feminine look… well, you are wrong, because with pixie hairstyle you can emphasize your beautiful face features.

She Bangs

She Bangs

We see a lot of she bangs these days; it can help you emphasize your lower face features in an easy look. Some of the latest she bags styles will not be the straight ones, but more creative.



So, here are the compilations of the styles that we are seeing as trends in 2016, be inspired:

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