10 Fun Footwear Trends for Women of All Ages

Here are 10 fun footwear trends for women of all ages to enjoy and love wearing whenever they feel like it.

Fashion should be fun and when it comes to footwear there are a lot of great trends out there that are exactly that. Fun footwear trends are all over right now and you don’t have to miss out just because you think they won’t work for you. The trends out there today work for just about anyone who wants to try them. 

Fashion rules of the past may have told you certain looks were too young or too old for you to try out but that’s just not true any longer. From the trendy Viakix sandles to super comfy sneakers there are trends for everyone and you don’t have to worry about outdated rules holding you back this time. If you see something you love it’s time to just go for it. Trends are meant to be enjoyed.

If you’re not sure where to start you came to the right place. Finding trendy looks for your feet doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Sometimes you just need a little direction on where to get started. Here are 10 fun footwear trends for women of all ages to enjoy and love wearing whenever they feel like it. 

1. Minimalist Sandals

For this sandal trend, you’ll want to think of thin straps, lots of exposed toes (and your feet in general) and neutral colors. Although you can find minimalist looks in various other colors the best way to fully embrace the trend is with neutral to nude colors that blend in with your skin tone. 

The whole point is to go for a “there but not there” sort of look. If you find some strappy sandals you love, grab them and wear them with pride. This is a great trend you won’t regret trying out.

2. Square Toes

Although years past have really gone for the pointy-toed looks this time around it’s all about square toes. If you want to try something that’s new and really going to spice up your wardrobe you can find square-toed looks in flats, sandals, and even slide-on mule style shoes.

These square toes are a little more updated than past trendy square-toed looks so you’ll have a nice fresh look even if you’ve seen this trend a time or two before.

3. Animal Prints

This is a look that’s definitely coming back in a big way right now. You’ll be able to try out various animal prints if you aren’t sure which ones you’ll like best. You’ll also be able to find this look in a variety of shoe options. If you want a big punch you can go for a boot with an animal print. 

For something more understated but still on-trend, you can go with a less prominent option like a sandal instead. No matter how you choose to wear this trend you’ll be able to impress everyone with how trendy and great you look.

4. Cut-Outs

Showing a little foot is entirely on-trend and it’s being done in new unexpected ways. You aren’t stuck just wearing sandals to give your feet a breath of air anymore. You can find boots, or even heels with spaces cut out of them to look trendy and show off your feet in a creative new way. 

If you haven’t given this look a try yet, you’ll definitely want to check it out the next time you go shopping. 

5. v-Cuts

This isn’t a term limited to your neckline right now and the way this look is being incorporated into shoes is fabulous. Think of trendy heels with a deep V cut into them to mimic the shape of the shoe as a whole. 

While square toes are in, there are still a lot of ways to wear pointier looks that are hot. Shoes with a deep V in them show off more off your foot and look great with outfits that need a little extra spice. 

6. Flared Heels

Remember past trends with super chunky block heels? This is an updated version of that look. While you may have shoes that fit the chunky heel look of the past, now the heels are more tapered. 

The bottom of the heel is still pretty square but towards the top, it’s tapered and more slim looking. This gives the whole heel a flared look that’s right on point for an updated chunky heel that’s hot right now.

7. Shearling

Shearling boots like Uggs are back and better than ever. While these types of boots have always been a hot debate in the fashion world they’ve made an especially big comeback this year. 

You can find shearling in ankle-high boots as well as knee (or even thigh-high) length options. They even have shearling boots that are made out of new materials like patent leather with a shearling inner. If you like Uggs, in general, this trend will be perfect for you.

8. Feathers

Feathers adorning shoes are becoming more prevalent than ever. They can be found on high-heels that are very dressy or trendy sandals that will be great for a brunch with your girlfriends. 

If you aren’t sure about how to wear the feathered looks you can always opt for something more understated at first and then go big after you’ve figured out the trend a little more.

9. Embroidered Shoes

In the past, you might’ve only seen embroidered looks on Teva straps but that’s not the case right now. Embroidery on shoes is hitting the runway in exciting and super cute ways. You’ll be able to find embroidered shoes all over and that means it’s not just on sandals anymore. If you love intricate designs on your accessories or outfits then you have to try out this trend for sure.

10. Funky Sneakers

Sneakers aren’t limited to boring gym attire right now. You can find them in metallic colors, neon colors, and super chunky soles. Although the 90s saw chunky sneakers as a trend, these chunky sneakers have been completely revamped. The soles are winder and they aren’t quite as tall as they were back then. If you love fun looks that will also be pretty comfortable this is the trend for you.  

So, How to Spot Your Next Shoe to Wear

Finding a few different shoe trends you love won’t be a complicated thing anymore. The rules of fashion are ever-evolving and have become more inclusive than ever. Think about the trends you read about and want to try out. Make sure you make a list to take with you the next time you go shopping so you can check them out in person. You’re likely to find tons of options you’ll adore.

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