What Everyone Ought to Know About Protein Shakes and Weight Loss

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Protein is a vital nutrient to consume when trying to lose weight. Getting enough in you can really give your metabolism a kick whilst also reducing your appetite and losing body fat at no cost to muscle. Shakes are a brilliant way of increasing the amount of protein you consume and studies have shown them to be beneficial for general weight loss. Here in this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know on the subject of protein shakes for weight loss.

Things to Know About a Protein Shake Diet

These wonderful shakes are made by mixing a powdered form of protein with some water or milk. They can be a great and convenient way of boosting the amount of protein consumption and at quite a low cost too. Although most of our generation don’t actually need to consume shakes in order to get enough protein, they can be a great way of increasing consumption nonetheless. A protein shake diet is as easy as purchasing a powder and then mixing it up. There are a number of different types of protein that can be purchased, such as the following:

  • Whey – contains all the essential amino acids and is quickly absorbed. Comes from dairy.
  • Soy – plant-based, gluten and vegan free. Also contains all the essential amino acids your body needs to create a full protein.
  • Casein – slow to absorb and made from dairy products. It has all the amino acids you need.
  • Hemp – plant based and rich in the omegas.
  • Rice – plant-based but rather low in essential acid lysine.
  • Pea – plant-based and slightly lacking in cysteine and methionine essential acids.

In a nutshell, the protein shake diet can significantly help one to feel full, stock up on amino acids and do it all for a low cost. There are a number of different shakes that can be consumed, each with their own significant properties. As a word of warning, do not substitute protein shakes for a balanced diet – your protein shake diet should also look to have all other essential vitamins, minerals, fats and nutrients.

How to Pick the Right Protein Shake for You

Picking what shake to consume is essential based on what you’re currently doing with your life as well as any goals you might have. If you’re an athlete, you may want to consume more to aid in muscle recovery and growth, whereas if you live a sedentary lifestyle, perhaps just one scoop daily will be enough. You should also be aware of the different types of shake as not all proteins are the same – if you’re lactose intolerant for example, do not consume any dairy-based shakes. Plant-based proteins such as pea and hemp are usually the best in terms of user-friendliness, just make sure you purchase non-GMO powders in order not to consume unnecessary chemicals and byproducts.

Reasons Why Protein Shake Diet Is Effective for a Weight Loss

The wonders that shakes have on your metabolism, muscle mass and appetite make them ideal and highly effective for losing weight. Many studies have shown that participants who consume more protein are more likely to shed weight easily compared with participants who fed on less protein-rich diets. Protein is also good for reducing weight gain – in one particular study, participants in the high protein group actually regained much less weight after protein consumption as opposed to participants who consumed less protein. The effect on one’s appetite is that satiety is reached faster and more effectively, allowing people to feel like they don’t want to eat more – this can be very effective for weight loss.

Dosage and Side Effects

Consumption of no more than one shake a day is best in the beginning. Shakes should be taken before meals ideally, usually containing a single scoop (this can vary so check the packaging). It’s great to mix shakes with fruit or ice to enhance pleasure. Common side effects include gas, a bloated feeling, cramps and rarely diarrhoea (especially for dairy-based shakes). Many of the common side effects are less present in plant-based protein. 

It was once thought that a protein shake diet had a negative and damaging effect on bones and kidney health but this has since been disproved in all credible medical literature. Protein is, in fact, an essential nutrient for maintaining proper bone health and there is no reason to fear consuming it.That’s about it from us, but make sure you take precautions and know what you’re doing if you want to go on a diet. Always remember that you should eat balanced food and consider all the help you can get to exercise properly from professionals and certified doctors.

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