5 Questions You Should Ask When Shopping for Leggings

The allure of wearing leggings has been one of much debate for many in the fashion industry. You’ll easily meet people with different opinions on how to wear them, which ones to buy, and which ones would lead you to commit a fashion faux pas.
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Because leggings are available in a wide array of different designs, types, and fabrics, you’ll need a way to narrow down the selection to what is best for you. One method that works well is to ask yourself some basic questions that can help clarify the kind of leggings you need.

1. What’s My Body Type?

Everything from your legs, calves, and waist should be accentuated by the right pair of leggings. As stretchable as leggings are, there are basic rules to follow to make sure the leggings flatter your body type while offering comfort and mobility.

Leggings in black or any other dark color look slimming, thus making them a safe choice for all body types. For women with a stronger or heavier build, plain colors and minimal patterns work best. If you want to pull off wearing full-patterned plus-size leggings, balance it out by wearing a simple top or dress.

2. What Am I Wearing Them For?

When it comes to workout clothes, not many seem to share the same opinion about leggings, yoga pants, workout tights, and so on. Some people even confuse one for the other.

To make things simple, you can wear practically anything for exercise as long as the fabric is designed for mobility, isn’t flowy, has a good fit, and keeps you feeling dry. If you prefer wearing leggings for exercise, you’ll need a pair that’s made from sturdy and breathable material such as Lycra. Casual wear leggings can be made from cotton or polyester. 

Also, leggings used for activewear should not be see-through. See-through leggings are great for casual wear and special occasions when they can be paired up with a dress or shorts.

3. Can They Be Worn for Other Occasions?

Many shoppers go for leggings that can either be used for casual wear or activewear. This is a great way to make your purchase count. Fortunately, the market is not lacking in multifunctional leggings. If anything, they’re as popular as ever. One of the reasons why multifunctional leggings are such a hot choice is that they eliminate the need for people to think about what to wear.

4. What’s the Weather Like Where I’ll Be Wearing Them?

Leggings made from light fabrics are usually so thin that people rarely or completely avoid wearing them during winter. If they are worn in the cold, the material shouldn’t be so thin and the leggings should be paired up with knee-high boots and dresses that extend to at least halfway through the thighs. 

Or maybe you’re planning on picking up a new pair of leggings for your upcoming trip to a sunny country. If so, keep it cool. Get something that’s light and thin enough to avoid turning yourself into a walking sauna.

5. What Material and Design of Clothes Go Well With the Leggings?

This may be a little trickier to answer if you don’t have a good grasp of the clothes you already have. Let’s face it, we tend to have more clothes than we can remember after all.

Choosing a pair of leggings isn’t about pulling out your card to pay for the flashiest one; it’s about complementing your existing wardrobe, too.

Leggings are very versatile pieces of clothing, and the practical way to shop for one is to imagine how it can look when paired with your other clothes. If you have more clothes with a thin layer of fabric, you can experiment with thick leggings. For heavier fabrics, however, such as those worn in cold weather, they’re complemented more by thin leggings.

In terms of design, remember that it’s all about balance.

Having a flashy top, leggings, and shoes may make you feel like you’re walking down a runway, but to other people, it may come across as excessive. Instead, you can balance out your look by pairing a heavily patterned pair of leggings with a simple top. Or you can look sleek and sexy with a floral dress and a plain pair of tights.

The Takeaway

A lot of thought can go to choosing the items in our wardrobe, mostly because we want every piece of clothing to have a purpose. The right leggings can do a lot to complete your look, which is why it pays to do a little digging and self-evaluation when you’re out shopping for the perfect pair. 

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