Understanding the Steps Involved in Facial Treatments

Great skin doesn’t happen by chance. Between the effects of ageing, stress and other environmental factors, sometimes a home skincare routine isn’t enough to give your skin what it needs to look and feel healthy.

Beside women, men’s facials have become increasingly popular across Australia and if you’re thinking about making facials a regular part of your skincare regime, here is what you can expect during your treatments.

The Basics of Facials

Before your treatment at some top beauty clinic such as the best men’s spa in Sydney, your skin will be analysed using a specialised skin mapping technique. By closely analysing your skin, your clinician will be able to identify the specific concerns that you’re currently dealing with. Some examples include skin pigmentation, dehydration, blackheads, dilated capillaries and fine lines. 

Different areas of your face may show signs of different problems but your clinician will ensure that you receive the right combination of ingredients to address these specific concerns.

Here are the basic steps involved in a men’s facial.

Cleanse.Your skin will first be cleansed using a cleanser that’s best suited to your skin type and concerns.

Exfoliate.By exfoliating the skin, you are gently removing the top layers, which contain dead and damaged skin cells. This step reveals the healthier skin cells underneath, which is what will bring out a natural glow.

Steam.Steaming the skin will help open up your pores, which will ensure your cells can absorb all of the essential nutrients that are present in the mask and serums that will be used on your face. 

Extractions.Now that your pores are open, your clinician will remove any white or blackheads and clear out any general blockages.

Massage.In order to improve blood flow and circulation, your clinician will now gently massage your skin. Along with the blood flow benefits, patients will also find this step relaxing, which is an essential part of a facial. Stress does affect your skin after all. 

Mask Application.The mask that will be applied to your skin will be tailored to your specific skin concerns. The mask contains ingredients that will combat any problems while hydrating your skin at the same time. Since your pores are open and there is increased blood flow to the area, your cells will absorb all of the ingredients so that they can take effect at a deeper level.

Tone.Once the mask has been removed, a toner will be applied in order to improve the texture of your skin and close your pores, locking all those essential nutrients in.

Moisturise.As a final step, your clinician will apply a moisturiser to protect your skin from environmental damage. Again, the moisturiser that is chosen will be suited to your skin type and concerns.

Since your clinician will have a thorough understanding of your skin after your facial, you may want to discuss your home skincare routine as you may need to make some adjustments in terms of products and techniques. 

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