Types of Bizarre and Scary Sleep Disorders

Have you ever had a bedroom makeover to enhance the ambiance of your sleeping area for better sleep? Going through online Casper mattress reviews, changed the lighting, pillows and the destructive furniture. Still, you find that your sleep is still full of nightmares and poor quality. You could be having a sleep disorder that requires to be checked. Sleep disorders affect your sleep by not allowing your body and mind to relax, repair and reenergize for the next day. When you experience these sleep disorders that are rare and are as bizarre as they are scary you might feel embarrassed to share and suffer continuously with them to a fatal level. Below are some of the sleep disorders that are strange and how they affect your sleep.

Sleep Paralysis

Interestingly, sleep paralysis happens to most people but they most times have a specific idea of what they think it is. Some people think someone is bewitching them or is a sign of their death among other myths. Sleep paralysis occurs when during rapid eye movement sleep, the brain activity rises naturally causing you to have dreams. So your body goes to paralysis to stop you from acting out those dreams and it ceases all the voluntary muscles from working as they should. The strange thing about this disorder is when people wake during REM sleep when their body cannot move being in a state of paralysis. Yet, their mind is awake and aware of the present environment. The hallucinations that affect this disorder make the condition more bizarre. In that, people experience visual hallucinations as if they can see dark human shadows in their room. Others experience tactile and auditory hallucinations of hearing someone touch them or vivid noises in their room all being in this state of paralysis. Unfortunately, the disorder is common and at least 50% of people get it at least once or twice in their lifetime. Repeat episodes are not as common and the disorder is not fatal as the episode lasts a few seconds or minutes but it affects sleep quality a lot.

Fatal Familial Insomnia

Can you imagine the irritation of not being able to sleep for months? This is such a horrible state to be in no matter the type of person you are. Surprisingly, not being able to sleep is a good part of Fatal Familial sleep disorder. The after effects that come from you not being able to sleep are what make the condition bizarre and scare most people. The disorder makes you not be able to sleep for one night and gradually increases to a few days, a week then months of no sleep. the manifest of the various results of this disorder such as the body being unable to control the nervous system such as heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure makes it a dangerous disorder that can lead to death. This shows that sleep is very vital for the body to function well and for the overall health. The disorder has no treatment yet but the symptoms can be treated to prevent worse case scenarios of getting into a coma or dying from it. If you get any of the symptoms such as lack of sleep, weight loss, over-sweating, high blood pressure, hallucinations, or dementia that are abnormal in your sleep routine speak to your sleep specialist. They could help diagnose the Fatal Familial disorder sooner since it can last for up to 3 years.

Kleine-Levin Syndrome

A number of people due to their work schedules or shift jobs sleep in when they get a chance or off day to cover up the lost sleep. This may sound a natural thing to do when you are healthy and your routines are working out well. However, other sleep disorders affect how long we sleep and are unable to wake up for a period of 24 hours and sometimes for weeks. The Kleine-Levine syndrome acts like that and it scares most sufferers of it since they are unable to live a healthy life. The disorder is common in male. However, when a female gets it, it takes them longer to recover from it in comparison to the male. Waking people in this condition is impossible no matter what methods they use. This disorder does also have weird behaviors like a high sexual urge, confusion, hallucinations, and binge eating. The treatment that has little benefit is the mood stabilizer lithium and it is believed to be caused by an infection as a child but there are minimal scientific studies on this.

Exploding Head Syndrome 

Although nobodies head literally explodes as the name of this sleep disorder suggests. Those who experience this disorder get to hear intense loud noises shortly after they fall asleep or deep in their sleep they get astounded by a loud noise that is scary such as gunshots, door banging, or explosions among others that interfere with their sleep. These auditory hallucinations can at times be accompanied by visual hallucinations of bright lights flashing everywhere in the room they are sleeping. This is a scary positioning to feel in your body that can be easily explained by the suffers of it. Unbelievably, there is no feeling of pain or any repeat headache cases just that they feel frightened and anxious after and before sleeping. The condition is not fatal in any way but the fear of sleep is common among most people going through this disorder. And if they do not speak about it to a sleep specialist. They tend to experience severe sleep conditions that can lead to disorders like insomnia making both of them a bad combination to have.

If there’s good news, it is that certain sleep disorders are treatable with lifestyle changes and therapies, like CPAP for obstructive sleep apnea. If you need a CPAP machine, as prescribed by your doctor, you can buy one online at reasonable prices. 

In summary, no sleep disorders are good to have even wish to one’s enemy. They are bizarre and scary to even share with someone close let alone a sleep specialist. Having a positive mindset and attitude that they will be able to fight this disorder and seeing a consultant is a healthy step to take. 

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