The Three “T”-S: Tone Up Thoroughly Your Triceps

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Correctly executed, these exercises will help you get the most beautiful arms. Start training with 1 kg weights slowly and slowly, supplemented to 2,3 kilograms. Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions of each type, of 2, 3 times a week.

Triceps Extension in Horizontal Position

Stretch back over a training bench, feet on the floor. Bring the weights over your forehead, keeping elbows at 90 degrees. Expire and raise the weights without fully extend your arms. Rotate the wrist until the hand fists become parallel to the wall behind you and stay like that for one second. Inhale and revert to the first position.

Triceps Extension Above the Head

Hold the weight in your right hand; position it above the neck, parallel to the spine. Expire and lift the weight, raise your arm so that even extended stay on the same shaft. Just change the position of the elbow, because this is the way that triceps better “work”. Keep it still for a second or two, and then revert to start position. Repeat, then change arms.

Triceps Extension to Rear

Bend up to 90 degrees, with knees slightly flexible; arms in right angle, near the body, press thoracic box.

Expire and stretch the arms and keep your body still, by a full extension. Keep it for one second, and then rotate the wrist until the hand fists become parallel with the ground. Inhale and revert to the start position.


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