The Scalp Evolution: What Is Scalp Pigmentation

You have probably heard about scalp pigmentation before and what it can do.
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If you are still on the fence considering having it, then this Scalp Evolution article is for you. We will talk about scalp pigmentation, how the operation is and a bunch of other questions that you might have.

Hair Loss and Fighting It With Scalp Evolution

Let’s face the hairless elephant in the room. Hair loss is a problem and it pains the toughest men alive as much as the next man. But male pattern baldness is something that some of us will just have to learn to accept and live with. However, this does not mean that we cannot fight back with a weapon of our own – science.

Almost half of men aged 18 to 49 will have suffered from hair decline. If that age range is familiar to you, it could be because it is within this time where a man is expected to look his best. Between these ages is where a man would look for that suitable partner that he would pair with for the rest of his life. He will also try to look his best to be presentable as he looks for a living.

We all know how important hair is to a man and that is why a lot of research has been poured on this subject. You might have heard about more than just a few medications that promise to cure your hair loss. Or, you may have read about the latest procedures that changed someone’s life for the better. But none are as fast and starting to be more known as the procedure called scalp pigmentation.

Scalp Evolution Answers Why Hair Loss Happens

The art of war states just how important it is to know the enemy before charging in. Here, we will answer a very simple question and that is why hair loss even happens in the first place. You might already know the answer to this but it might surprise you that there could be more than one reason for the predicament that you are in.

Scalp Evolution and Genetics

You may have already answered this question the moment you saw your dad and your uncles gathered upon a dinner table. If you see them think that you might be looking at a half carton of eggs, then you would be right to be worried about the future of your hair. Some genes can affect hair growth as much as halving the density, as well as the growth rate of your hair. At some point, your genes may dictate to stop growing hair at a certain age. Unfortunately that age is not as old as we want.

You should also note however that there is still a chance for you even if you have been dealt with bad genes hair-wise. In some rare cases, perhaps a little bit of luck, you would not inherit the full wrath of male pattern baldness. So, at the very least, you should hold out on blaming your parents.

Scalp Evolution and Hormones

How often have we heard women complain about their mood and blame it on a very complex thing called hormones. They do have a point though as hormones can affect the human mind as well as the body in ways that are sometimes arbitrary to huge things like an entire personality shift. When experiencing hair loss, you might just have a case yourself to blame the same hormones. There is a special kind of hormone secreted that causes the hair to thin and outright stop growing in some cases. The hormone is called the dihydrotestosterone or DHT and if it were so easy to control this hormone then I am sure no male would let it touch his blood stream for whatever reason.

Scalp Evolution and Age

We all know that old people go bald at some point but knowing how old exactly is the problem. There is no stopping baldness simply because the human body has a lifespan and you would not have much use for hair anyway when you are very old or, indeed, if you are already dead. Normally, for people that go to the hassle of regrowing their hair, they are those that have hair that aged much faster than they would have preferred. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with being older and wanting to have his hair back.

Scalp Evolution and Other Factors

We say other factors but the last factor that has a big effect on hair is nutrition. Let us not forget that we are what we eat and if we are not eating the healthy kind of meals that lets us grow hair, then we are just making it harder for ourselves.

Scalp Micropigmentation Is the Future of Scalp Evolution

Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure by which microneedles are being used to blot micro-pigments into your scalp. If this process seems familiar, it is quite similar to one getting a tattoo. And this is the reason why Scalp micropigmentation is often called a hair-tattoo. The result is often astounding as it usually gives someone the illusion of having thicker fuller hair which is the main goal in the first place. This activity allows the replication of the natural hair follicles while also giving strength and improving the density especially to areas of your scalp that are already showing signs of thinning.

The scalp micropigmentation procedure is usually done over a few sessions so as to give your scalp a chance to rest and heal up as well as to keep track of the progress and getting the chance to do the procedure step by step. It usually takes at least three sessions but of course this would vary depending on the kind of hair you want to regrow or the kind of damage we are talking about.

Needless to say, the procedure is quite effective and more and more people are being drawn to it.

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