The Most Common Mistakes in Hair Care

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Most of the advice on how to deal with hair in difficult and extreme situations is already behind us. It’s time for a small summary and even a reminder. Here are the biggest mistakes we make in the subject of hair care. Beware of it like a fire. And avoid it. These problems come back like a boomerang, so read it carefully.

What Do We Do Wrong? Here Is the List!

Forget the Hairdresser!

Yes, yes. We often give up on a visit, especially with long hair, claiming that our hair is fine and that the ends are healthy. This is a mistake. You should visit your hairdressing salon regularly and cut the ends. This way it will not be damaged and will not split.

We Don’t Know What We Are Buying

Let’s pay attention to the shampooing depots. Avoid SLS and SLES detergents and heavy silicones. Rather, avoid 2in1 shampoos if you do not want to dry your skin or have dandruff. Choose the perfect shampoo for your hair. Do not take shampoo away from other people in the household. Use a shampoo for curly hair, after coloring for colored hair, etc. This is extremely important for keeping your hair and scalp healthy. It is not at all that all shampoos are the same.

 Too Often We Wash Our Hair

Washing your head – everyday or not? It all depends on how our scalp behaves when washing every day. By washing your head every day, you can deprive it of fat which is a natural protective coat. It is best to wash your head every other day. However, this should be treated individually. If it is comfortable for us to wash every day and our scalp reacts positively – keep it that way. IMPORTANT – do not wash your head in hot water, which causes the scales to open and eventually lose their shine and hair weakness. We are talking about hot water, not warm water!

Do Not Use Conditioners or Do It Incorrectly

Remember that the conditioner is not applied to the entire length of the hair, but to the length from the middle of the ear down. This will not weigh hair down. And most importantly, if the conditioner is for hair, it is not for the scalp, so we avoid applying it to the skin. This is a common mistake when you apply hundreds of milliliters of conditioner to your scalp and you wonder if your skin is oily or dandruffy. IMPORTANT – a conditioner washed away after 5 minutes really won’t work, except for one thing: it will make it easier to comb. I suggest min. 10 minutes.

We Do Not Deal Well With… .

We should blow-dry our hair with a cool breeze so as not to damage the hair structure. The hot air can also stimulate the sebaceous glands and cause greasy hair. Before we start drying, do not rub your hair with a towel, because it is easy to break it. Rather, we “knead” it slightly to squeeze water out of it and then dry it. Do you use a flat iron? Remember to use special protective preparations. 

We Use Too Many Styling Products

If paste is not varnish, if wax is not clay, etc. The amount of 1 cosmetic used for styling should not be a handful, but a maximum dose of walnut size. Varnish? A few portions, not several. All this in order not to burden the hairstyle or cause greasy hair.

 We Do Not Care About Combs and Brushes.

Pay attention to what you are combing your hair with. Brushes with wooden teeth are excellent because they do not electrify the hair and do not fray the ends. Nowadays, special round, small brushes for brushing are also fantastic. A flat brush is ideal for long and thick hair. For combing wet hair, a comb with widely spaced teeth is good. Another tool is not allowed to comb hair, as wet hair is very sensitive to damage. Let’s look at what you are holding in your hand while combing your hair, because it is not difficult to damage your hair mechanically.

Professional hair extensions are often the simplest and best way to have long and thick hair. In this case too, you should not forget about proper care.

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