The Age of Your Decolletage

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At 20 Years Old

Breasts have reached the final size, and their tissue is firm. In this decade it is possible to develop a benign tumor, for example, a cyst or a fibroadenoma – a hard and painless nodule.

At 30 Years Old

Collagen, which keeps breasts firm begin to lose its properties, so you lose your elasticity. For some women, they may become slightly limp. For smokers, the phenomenon is more pronounced because of tobacco substances that destroy collagen. Another problem: breast cancer. Now the risk of a disease is 1 in 257. Monthly self-analysis and annual gynecologic control should be part of your routine.

After 35 Years Old

Due to gravity and maybe multiple pregnancies, your curves “melt down” and you need to tighten and smooth the skin. In addition to this, after a born child, the nipples get a darker color. As for cancer, some gynecologists believe that this is the age when mammogram is required annually.

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