How to Prevent and Treat Rosacea?

Some people suffer from this skin disease and not know they have it! Rosacea are some cherry threads, like superficial blood vessels that appear on the nose (nostrils extremities) and cheeks! They produce strong skin irritations when exposed to very strong sunshine, when it is very cold, or when the wind blows very strong! For many women is a very serious problem and they try to improve it, even cure it!

Here are some general general rules for preventing rosacea:

  • The diet should be as light as it can be, rich in fruit, vegetables and fresh food;
  • Spicy and indigestible foods should be avoided: alcohol, spices, sausages, preserved meats, fats, pickles;
  • Unnecessary temperature changes and especially prolonged exposure to sunlight should be avoided;
  • You should avoid moisturizing creams and those containing vitamin C.

Here are some guidelines for cosmetic care of rosacea:

  • It is necessary to use a cleanser both in the evening and in the morning
  • Avoid alcoholic lotions
  • Linden, chamomile, mallow infusions are recommended
  • Steam baths should be avoided
  • Now there are special creams to treat this problem, and you’d better use them because it’s progressing over time!

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