Permanent Laser Hair Removal: Growing Trend

With advances in laser technology, permanently removing the hair from one’s body is now easier than ever.

With advances in laser technology, permanently removing the hair from one’s body is now easier than ever.

Gone are the days of painful hot waxing, excruciating threading, and depilation.

Permanent laser hair removal is perfect for removing embarrassing upper lip, chin, and side burn hair and for larger areas such as the bikini line, arms, and legs as well.

Laser hair removal is also gaining popularity with male clients, who are tired of constantly dealing with large areas of back and chest hair. 

Toronto’s varieties of laser hair removal practitioners offer a permanent solution to a common problem.

Toronto’s Laser Hair Removal Locations

In the downtown core, the majority of permanent laser hair removal businesses are located along Yonge Street. Practitioners can be found at Queens Quay West, Lakeshore Boulevard West in the south, Forest Hill to the north, and Roncesvalles and Kipling Heights in the west.

Additional locations are available outside of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), in the surrounding suburbs of Vaughan, Mississauga, Newmarket and Thornhill.

Types of Hair Removal Lasers

Hair removal lasers can be divided into 4 main categories.

Do not hesitate to shop around and choose the most suitable type. They are all FDA-approved and considered safe and effective methods for permanent hair removal.

  • Ruby Laser – is one of the oldest types of lasers and works more slowly. It is best suited for fair complexions and fine hair.
  • Alexandrite Laser – has the shortest wavelength and can treat largest areas quickly. This type of laser is recommended for those with lighter complexions, as it may cause discolouration on darker skin tones.
  • Diode Laser – is the newest laser and the most commonly used. It has a longer wavelength than the Alexandrite or Ruby lasers, which reduces the risk of damage to skin. It is able to quickly treat large areas of the body and works best on fair to medium skin tones.
  • Nd and LD Nd: YAG Laser – is considered best for clients with darker skin and thicker hair. It uses the longest wavelength, giving it the power to destroy the hair at the root.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Hair growth is often unpredictable and sometimes individuals face unseemly hair on their fingers, toes, backs, ears, feet, upper lip, chin, and cheeks.

Laser hair removal is safe for all areas of the body and all skin tones. 

Unlike shaving, plucking, and waxing, it will not grow back or cause ingrown hairs and unlike depilatory creams and hot wax, it will not burn the skin. It is also less painful than electrolysis.

Laser hair removal is considered the longest lasting method of all hair removal. Permanent hair loss is often seen after 3-7 sessions.

It is also a very quick process; the upper lip takes less than a minute, while the back takes about an hour.

Laser Hair Removal Process

The beam shoots highly concentrated light into hair follicles. The hair is destroyed when the pigment in the follicles absorbs this light.

Laser hair removal usually requires 3-7 sessions, 4-6 weeks apart for permanent hair removal.

It s recommended to limit waxing and plucking for 6 weeks before laser hair removal and avoid sun exposure 6 weeks before and after treatment as well.

Topical numbing cream is applied about 30 minutes before the procedure.

One will be given ice packs or anti-inflammatory creams after the procedure to help with any discomfort. This should be minimal, like a slight sunburn.

It is recommended to wear sunscreen for the month after treatment.

Costs of Laser Hair Removal

Costs of laser hair removal varies from businesses to business, and also depends on location. For example, costs are slightly lower outside of the downtown core and in the outlying suburbs of Toronto.

Many businesses offer a complimentary consultation as well. Shop around for the best deal.

  • Extra Small Areas – such as the upper lip cost approximately $100-$120 CAD each.
  • Small Areas – such as the underarms cost approximately $250 CAD each.
  • Medium Areas – such as the forearms costs $350 CAD each.
  • Large Areas – such as upper or lower parts of the legs costs approximately $450 CAD each.
  • Extra Large Areas – such as the back cost approximately $600 CAD each.

Choosing a Laser Hair Removal Practitioner

Laser hair removal devices are controlled by Canada’s federal government under the Radiation Emitting Devices Act. All devices must meet the Act’s requirements.

However, Health Canada does not require specific licenses for technicians to operate the machines. They recommend that clients ask the operator for references. 

Laser hair removal is the newest innovation to keep individuals hair free permanently. As a bonus, it is affordable and less painful than traditional methods of hair removal. Various laser hair removal businesses exist in Toronto, making finding the perfect practitioner easier than ever.

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