Perfect Curls for Short Hair in Minutes – Hair Waver Is the Answer!

If you have short hair, you may be struggling to add waves or curls to your short hair when styling it. There is only a small area to work on since there is not a considerable amount of length between the hair end and the roots. Fortunately, there is a quick fix to this age-old problem. If this has to do with your hair styling predicament, then it is the best time for you to know everything about a hair waver and how you could achieve that much-coveted curls for your short hair.

When you think about curling your hair, the first tools you would probably think of would be traditional curling iron (wand) or a heated roller. They are all great tools, albeit not too much for short hair; it might be hard to use to make curls with volume and texture. However, these tools will create a tighter ringlet in short hair than some women might prefer, but if you want a more relaxed, wavy look, these tools will not do the trick. Hair wavers can give a new look to curl your hair, which will change the game by giving beautiful curls to your short hair. 

What Is a Hair Waver? 

A hair waver is a combination between a standard flat iron and a conventional curling iron. It is the same with putting three curling irons together, but you are using it like a flat iron. It consists of three heated barrels and a handle and is set up so that you do not have to tie your hair to curl it around the barrel.

Hair wavers have different sizes, which all contain barrels of different sizes. Larger barrels are ideal for longer and thicker hair, whereas smaller barrels are preferred for shorter and finer hair. When buying hair waver, it is necessary to be aware of the kind of hair waver and its size to make sure that it is suitable for your hair type.

The Advantage of Using a Hair Waver

Although hair wavers are not as popular as other styling instruments, such as curling iron or wands, flat iron, or heated rollers, they are an incredible option for curling your short hair effectively. 

When styling, the hair could be less likely to tangle when using a hair waver compared to using a curling iron or wand, or even heated rollers. You would not have to bother about your hair being stuck to the tool or having knots made from it because you don’t have to wrap your hair around barrels or rollers.

Steps in Getting Perfect Curls for Short Hair by Using a Hair Waver

First step: Have your hair thoroughly washed and conditioned.

When the hair is clean, it has more bounce and texture than dirty hair, so it is vital to begin styling with clean hair. Start by washing your hair with a shampoo and conditioner of good quality, and when you are finished, towel-dry your hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner that have unique volumizing characteristics to add extra volume to your short hair.

Second step: Set up the hair waver.  

Plug it in and give it time to heat up before you start styling. 

If your hair waver has multiple heat levels, select a low heat setting (between 300 to 350 F). Short and fine hair needs less styling heat than long and thick hair, so it is advantageous to pick a hair waver with several heat choices.

Third step: Prepare the hair before curling it – dry and protect!

Your hair must be completely dry before using a hair waver. To avoid the possibility of the hair getting tangles or knots, add a heat protectant spray or heat protectant cream to your hair and brush or comb through it. 

Fourth step: Section the hair.

No matter the hair length, it would help make it easier if you section the hair first before styling. Separate the top and bottom parts of your hair. Hold the top portion of your hair and clip or pin it to the top of your head so that it will not distract you when you are styling. For better results, it is more effective to start styling at the base of your hair and work your way up to the top.

Fifth step: Time to use the hair waver. Curling time!

Take a part of your hair’s bottom part that is roughly the same size as your hair waver and clamp the hair waver as close to your roots as possible at the top of the section. Keep the hair waver in place for around five to ten seconds, and then gradually bring the hair waver down the section’s length.

Sixth step: Do the curling process again with all the remaining hair sections.  

Follow the guidelines mentioned in step 5 to all the sectioned parts of your hair. 

Make sure you put your hair waver in the same place on all of your parts if you like smooth and evenly spaced curls. Your positioning does not have to be as precise if you desire relaxed waves. 

Ensure you clamp on your sections should be as close to your roots as possible, keep it in position for five to ten seconds, then gradually move the hair waver down to the end of the hair.

Seventh step: Complete your hairstyle.

When you are done curling all the hair sections, it is then time to apply a few final touches to your curls. Run your fingers over your curls softly for relaxed waves to ease them up a little. To keep your curls and waves stable for a longer time and to minimize frizz, gently mist keeping hairspray or texturizing spray on your hair.

Although hair wavers appear dynamic and complex, they are relatively easy to use. You could quickly create perfect curls and waves in your hair once you grasp using it. By following the steps above, you will have lovely curls on your short hair in just a few minutes.

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