New York Fashion Show 2010

In this year New York Fashion Show, two designers dragged my attention, and I decided to write down some things about their collections. First, let’s take a look to 2010 Carolina Herrera collection and, afterwards, something more fresh and young, Baby Phat.

Carolina Herrera Presented His Spring / Summer 2010 Collection During Fashion Week in New York.

The collection consists of classy dresses but also cocktail dresses or office outfit. The key feature to all these creations was: a sexy feminine look, Carolina Herrera characteristic feature of all her creations.

The inspiration for her latest collection came from Japanese baskets and spring nature. So, the designer used in her clothing collection objects like: natural wicker baskets, reproduced in raffia and different fabrics.

What is interesting is that the designer combines raw materials such as raffia, with precious materials such as jacquard, silk, linen and satin, hard surfaces with glossy surfaces, creating a refined and elegant collection. Actually, this is the basic description for her latest collection.

Woven surfaces are thoroughly worked, handmade created.

Warm color palette is predominantly composed of natural shades like brown, beige, ocher, orange, red, gold, caramel, white pearl and white.

The collection was accessorized with clutches, braided belts and sandals in shades of wood.

Baby Phat at New York Fashion Show 2010

The second fashion house that I was talking about… Baby Phat launched its spring / summer collection during New York Fashion Week festival in 2010. Kimora Lee Simmons, Baby Phat brand designer, began her career from a shirt with the logo “Baby Phat” and now became one of the most successful brands of clothing with hip-hop influences.

“Maroccan Kiss” is a ready-to-wear collection Hobo (hippy-bohemian) style in which Kimora combined the ’70s style with Maroccan influences and her glamorous creations.

Dull or acid bleaching jeans, hippy embroidery, Moroccan-inspired dresses with prints, a cheerful color palette and many accessories are the elements that define Kimora Lee Simons Collection.

Being a ready-to-wear collection, for daytime, lightweight materials were used such as cotton, silk and denim, and the color pallet contained orange, pink, fuchsia and violet.

The outfits were accessorized with colorful beads in “happy” shades, big bracelets, golden shoes and belts.

“Maroccan Kiss” collection  is a collection of youth, inspiring a lot of energy, which combined with hippy influences and Maroccan-inspired prints made these outfits ideal for spring-summer season.

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