Looks Matter! Tips to Improve Your Look and Style

Follow our top tips and get ready for a change.
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There’s a harsh truth that many people need to hear. Your looks matter.

Yes, everyone is different. Standards of beauty vary no matter who you are. You should focus on who you are on the inside, too. Inner beauty is most important. Yes, okay, of course all of that is true.

But all that can be true, AND, your looks still really do matter. It’s not an either/or. Do you go to an interview dressed in your pajamas? Did you meet your in-laws wearing your favorite club outfit? Do you, or do you not, actually think about what you’re going to wear to big events?

You don’t want to be the guy who gets filmed on Instagram stories because he decided to wear flip flops, not cut his toenails and wear bootcut jeans (this is a true story). Wearing the same graphic tees you bought in high school — along with the once-cool multi-color rubber bangles — is just a statement to the world that you’re still 13 (even if you’re 30). 

Like It or Not, Looks Matter.

How you’re dressed is how you present yourself. What people see you wear makes a huge first impression that’s hard to change. When you aren’t intentional about the clothes you don, you’re likely to not put your best foot forward. You might think you don’t care about what you look like or how people see you, but the right outfit can bring out confidence you didn’t know you had.

So what do you do to look more presentable? That part is easy to hear. Follow our top tips and get ready for a change.

Dress Up. Not Down.

A good outfit can become a great outfit when you wear the right accessories to go along with. A lowkey look can become high-end fashion when you throw on a chunky necklace, or for men, a nice watch. There are so many accessories you can invest in to add a touch of personality and a new layer of class. Don’t know where to get started? Check out rheosgear.com for a great pair of signature sunglasses that will look good on anyone. 

No Wrinkles. No Problems.

The time to just wear whatever you found on the floor is over. Stop leaving clothes in the dryer overnight or crumpled in your laundry basket waiting to be hung up. Take the time to properly put away your clothes, instead of thinking wrinkles don’t matter. It will make a significant difference in your appearance.

Find Your Fit. Don’t Force It.

Being uncomfortable is not a feeling you keep to yourself. When you keep tugging at the bottom of your shirt, pulling up your pants or shifting awkwardly from side-to-side, people take notice. Body language can often say more about yourself than you can in regular conversation. Being more presentable means spending more time finding the clothes that fit you best. 

Healthy Skin. Easy Win. 

Your outfits can look incredible. Your accessories can sparkle. But if people are asking you if you feel okay today, it may be because your skin is telling a different story than your look. Don’t let your eyes get baggy or your hair get droopy. Invest in some high-quality skincare that can help you look more awake and ready for every day. You really do need your beauty sleep!

Shoulders Back. Head Up.

Thinking back to body language, try to sit up straight instead of arching your back and slouching. Great posture shows that you’re attentive and not trying to hide in the crowd. It exudes confidence and control. And it’s so incredibly easy to do. You’ll present yourself in a more professional manner and you’ll be thankful when you have fewer back and neck problems down the road.

In just five tips, you can change how people look at you and how you look at yourself. Schedule a few extra minutes for yourself in the morning so you can be more selective and add that extra touch. Looking more presentable starts with taking care of yourself. Drink water. Moisturize. Go to bed early. Don’t think of this as a way to fit in with the crowd or make others feel more comfortable around you (although this will help). This is all about investing in yourself and showing off the real you inside.

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