What Your Lip Color Says About Your Health

Your health is very important, and your lips can tell you many thing about your body and what happens inside of it, so pay attention!

Your lip color can tell you what is going on inside your body, such as the health of your blood, organs, even your temperature! You must pay attention to all of those signs, because if something is wrong with you, you can go and fix it as fast as possible!


Pale Pink, White, or Grey Lips

Ask your doctor to do a blood test for anemia. Fortify your blood with iron rich foods such as red meat, green vegetables, and Chinese red dates.

If your lips are very pale it is a sign that you may have anemia, and your hands and feet are cold too. Warm up your system by eating warming foods, such as pork, lamb, pumpkin, mussels, and raspberries.

Bright Red Lips

Red lips can also be accompanied by bad breath and food cravings. These are signs that your liver and spleen are struggling.

Try to eat something healthy, clean, that will boost up your energy, like vegetables, fruits, light meat, fish. After a few days you will notice a good difference, and you will feel so much better, full of energy. You might loose some weight too, because eating healthy can brings you a healthy lifestyle and you will burn calories faster that before. 

Purple or Green Tinted Lips

Purple or green tinted lips can indicate a problem with the heart and respiratory system. Maybe you could ameliorate your breathing with a steam inhaler, but if is something more serious, consult with a doctor, because your health is in the game, and this game will not be nice if you don’t do something about it soon!

Dark Red to Black Lips

Very dark lips indicate that your digestive system is stressed and overloaded. Cleanse your stomach by eating congee, yogurt, and sweet potato. Drink warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Avoid processed and junk food until your digestion finds its balance again. Introduce fiber rich vegetables, pickled vegetables, and fruit to aid digestion.

Dark Red or Purple Line Around Lips

A natural dark lip line appearing on the border of your lips is a sign that the energetic balance in the body is out. In other words, the body needs neutral foods to re-balance these two naturally occurring forces — yin and yang.

The best way to rebalance is to spend a few days resting and nurturing your health by limiting stress, and paying attention to your food intake.

Try avoiding foods that are either very yang or very yin. Instead choose foods that are neutral such as rice, potato, carrot, almonds, fish, and apricots.

Natural Rosy Pink

General good health will bring you pink, rosy lips. Keep up what you’re doing! I really hope that you have those lips, because it means that you are super healthy and ready to go!

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