Ladies, What to Look for in Your Men’s Sunscreens

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Compared to women, men are more stubborn when it comes to skin care. Part of the skin care routine that everyone should be doing is applying sunscreen regularly all throughout the day even if you aren’t going out. Yes, even if you are just staying at home, you should still put sunscreen as you can still be exposed to the sun. 

Why Do Men Have to Put Sunscreen?

The simple answer is that the sun does not discriminate between men or women when it comes to producing UVA and UVB rays. Although there are slight differences between men and women’s skin types, these differences will not matter once your skin is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. 

Men and women alike who will be exposed to too much sun will have the same risks like sunburn, skin cancer, rashes, etc. They are as prone to melanoma as women are and they are not immune to having wrinkles caused by too much sun exposure. 

How to Choose the Right Sunscreen for Men

When choosing a men’s sunscreen lotion, it’s important that you take note of the following factors:

  1. Ingredients

The ingredients of a sunscreen lotion make or break the lotion’s effectiveness. The most effective sunscreens have the same ingredients – ingredients that are known to deflect the sun’s UVB rays or ingredients that block UV rays. 

Some of those ingredients are avobenzone, ecamsule, and zinc oxide. Avobenzone, in its stabilized form, is a good ingredient for blocking UVA rays. Newer products have this more often. Ecamsule is similar to stabilized avobenzone because it also blocks UVA rays. Most sunscreens today have more ecamsule. Lastly, zinc oxide is another ingredient for UVA protection. Zinc oxide is a substance that is cheaper than the ingredients mentioned earlier, but it is just as effective. 

  1. SPF

SPF, short for sun protection factor, is the sunscreen’s measure of how long it will take for the sun to harm your skin. Usually, this is to protect your skin from redness and sunburn caused by UVB rays. UVB rays are responsible for harming the outermost layer of your skin. 

However, new sunscreen products today have formulas that also help protect you from UVA rays. UVA rays, on the other hand, are responsible for harming the deeper layer of the skin. In other words, it’s responsible for causing skin cancer. 

It’s important to note that even if the higher the SPF, the better, the effectivity of sunscreen lotions are not as high even if you have a high SPF. This means that as the SPF goes higher, the marginal effectiveness becomes smaller. 

  1. Brand

The brand is important simply because known brands are more trustworthy. At the same time, there are brands that are dermatologically proven and recommended. When choosing which brand of sunscreen is best for you, you should consult a dermatologist so that they can give you the right recommendation that best fits your skin type. 

There are other factors to consider as well – if it’s water-resistant, its scent, reviews, etc. But the best way to choose the best sunscreen for you is to know what you are looking for and if it’s going to be effective on the type of skin you have. 

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