Copper Compression Socks Helps You Get Rid of Post-Workout Problems 

Like any fitness enthusiast, you might enjoy “the burn” during a high-intensity workout. Unfortunately, these high-intensity workouts that drive you closer to your fitness goals lead to the dreaded muscle soreness a few hours later.

The muscle soreness might demotivate you to get on the machines the next day, but every fitness freak knows that inconsistency is harmful. So, make sure to do everything to speed up your recovery process. One part of recovery includes compression socks. 

But, what post-workout problems do they solve, and how do they solve these problems? Let’s take a look.


DOMS, known as delayed onset muscle soreness, may occur when you start a new exercise, change your workout routine or increase the duration/intensity of your workouts. This happens because your muscles are used to working in a set manner, but the moment this regular cycle is broken, it causes microscopic damage to your muscle fibers, causing stiffness or soreness.

Anyone can get this post-workout issue. It does not matter if you are an elite athlete or a beginner. Although your body will adjust to your workout routine and get rid of the soreness, it will take some significant time to heal. But thankfully, compression socks exist!

Several studies have shown that copper compression socks have helped people with DOMS recover quickly. These socks allow you to get rid of waste products and improve your blood circulation.

2. Shin Splints

Did you know that the process of building muscles requires them to tear out slightly? The human body is full of fascinating facts, and you would be shocked to know that these microscopic tears rebuild into stronger and denser muscles. This process can be moved faster with the help of compression socks by improving your blood circulation.

Sometimes, the muscles end up tearing up a bit more, leading to strain or a sprain. Most commonly, runners experience this along with shin splints; wherein there’s acute pain behind the shin. You can use compression socks to get rid of shin splints and other minor muscle injuries.

3. Muscle Fatigue

An Australian study has found out that marathoners who wore compression socks during their marathons had reduced muscle fatigue which resulted in better performance.

Although the scientific proofs available at the moment are limited, you cannot deny the fact that compression socks are great for better oxygenation, which has given many athletes and marathon runners an enhanced performance and a quicker post-recovery.

4. Blood Clotting

Knee-high copper compression socks apply pressure on your calves and compress the veins on the surface of your leg, leg muscles and arteries. This improves the performance of your blood vessels and promotes better blood circulation.

When you have better blood circulation, the blood will flow from your legs back towards your heart and prevent blood from clotting or refluxing back to your feet.

5. Lactic Acid

When you work out, your body produces lactic acid, a waste product that stays in your body and causes muscle soreness. This soreness is at its worst the next day of your workout. Again, this soreness will go away naturally, but that process takes time.

Compression socks put pressure on your veins, increasing the blood flow velocity. This helps your body move blood and lactic acid to the heart faster. Once the lactic acid in your body decreases, you will be less sore after a workout and have a quicker recovery.

6. Blood Circulation Improvement

Your heart pumps freshly oxygenated blood into your arteries and circulate it all the way to the tips of your fingers and toes. Through the action of pumping, it is easier for your heart to pump blood to the entire body, but due to gravity, it is a lot harder for the blood from your legs to find its way back to the heart. Because of this reason, the blood flows back to your heart with the help of veins with one-way valves. Your calf muscles act as pumps by contracting during exercising, which helps pump blood back to the heart.

A few researches have shown that compression socks can increase venous blood flow and stop blood from mingling in your limbs. This is also helpful for your post-workout recovery as your muscles will get more oxygen and cause less swelling.


Your body has the natural ability to heal itself post workouts, but generally, it takes longer to recover. If you incorporate the use of copper compression socks, you will see a quicker recovery, which will not distract you from achieving your fitness goals.

Rory Donelly

Rory is the R&D Director and passionate entrepreneur, fascinated by the workings of the human body and natural solutions for common health problems. He’s single-minded in his aim to make Copper Defence a brand that’s recognized across the globe, by partnering with global brands to make these high-tech materials easily accessible for everyone. If you’d like to get in touch, email Rory at [email protected] or visit for copper-infused clothing, pet accessories, and more.

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