Ladies, Stay Classy: 10 Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

Well-dressed, fancy and cosy? Easy achievement if you own these 10 must-have items.
Basic Cardigans

We all know that feeling in the morning, after drinking a long coffee, coming in the front of the wardrobe and asking “ What do I wear today?”

No matter how many clothes we own, most of us will say “I have nothing to wear!”. This answer usually comes in case we have so many clothes, but they are not what we are looking for.

This is why, ladies, i will show you 10 items you must own, and you will see with your own eyes that you will be stylish without any stress at all.

10 Must-Have Items for a Lady

A White Shirt

Going to work, having an interview, meeting with friends, or having a nice dinner? I tell you the best choice is a white shirt.

Try it with jeans, leathers, or a skirt. You will look amazing and also you will feel comfortable.

A Little Black Dress

This is a necessity. A black dress is never getting old. It should be attic but a little sophisticated. Wear it at the office with a cardigan, or at night, by adding jewelry and makeup.

Knee-Length Black Skirt

Every woman should  have a knee-length skirt. It it always chic and classic. You can go and pick your style: for a slim appearance choose a pencil skirt, or for flaring style pick the A-line skirt.

Trust me, ladies, you will just love it so bad, that you would want to wear it daily!

Basic Cardigans

Do you know that feeling from a coldish morning, when you would like to put on you something flossy, warm, and also dressy?

Yes! I can tell you know the feeling. Cardigans are your new bestfriends. White, black, beige, or any other color you want. They are here to keep you warm,and also help you to stay fashionable.

A Trench Coat

There might be days when a cardigan will not be enough. That is why you need a trench coat in your closet. It will look amazing if you leave it open and loose. Wonderful! Now go outside and feel beautiful with your outfit.

Blue Jeans

Blue jeans will always stay classic. They are elegant and also comfortable. Not to mention that nowadays many companies are making jeans for every body type. If you have an amazing waistline, go for a pair of high-waisted jeans. If you have beautiful legs, pick the skinny jeans type. If you want to distract attention from the waistline, choose the flared jeans.

Denim Jacket

Like your favourite pair of jeans, a denim jacket looks great with everything. You can use it in any season, for cool nights or fall days.

A Black Leather Bag

When it comes to things we love to buy and collect, I can tell bags are our favourites.

But only one bag can help you look so stylish and will make you feel a pretty lady. You must have in your closet a black leather bag. The size should be medium, enough to hold whatever you need, but not too big to feel awkward.


No matter what you wear, a scarf can adjust your outfit. It can give you a more colourful appearance or an austere look if you go for an elegant black and white scarf.

Black Booties

With medium heels, a pair a booties are perfect for everyday! They look gorgeous with jeans, skirts or dresses. Also you will feel more confident in a pair of heels!

Dressing up will no longer be a stressful situation as long as you have these must-have items. You can look beautiful and dressy with basic clothes. But it is important to know how to match them.

And don’t forget! Add a little colour in your outfit for a lovely appearance.

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