How to Take Care of Your Eyes

Sight. The most precious sense. Do not ignore it! Test its acuity regularly and following our advice.

Sight. The most precious sense. Do not ignore it! Test its acuity regularly and following our advice.


The inflammation of the thin layer covering the interior eye lid. Could be an allergic reaction or caused by a virus. Eyes turn red, and inflamed eyelids have secretions.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis can be treated with antibiotics
To remove secretions, use boiled and than cooled water, in which you put a little salt. With a sterile gauze, remove the eye secretion from the inside corner.
Boil towels, pillows and other things that are in contact with the eyes to prevent spread of infection.

    “Screen” Disease

    “I feel my eyes swollen, inflamed, with itching and blur”

    This is due to long periods of time spent in front of computer or TV. If you use a monitor at work the employer is obliged to offer you a free eye test 1 time per year (in the mandatory medical examinations).

    An eye test shows you if you need eyeglasses to read, possibly with lenses with protective anti-reflex.
    Stay at 30-60 cm away from the screen and do one break every 20 minutes and blink often
    Put your paper documents at a distance equal to with the monitor, so you won’t need to adjust your look every time.


      Ultraviolet rays can cause eye burns easily and cause an increased risk for cataract and serious illnesses, such as ocular degeneration.
      Sun glasses are not a caprice. Wear it with the UV filters to protect from authorized sources. Sun glasses are required for people with myopia and who present an acute photo sensitivity. They are recommended heliomate lenses (with darker shades, depending on light intensity).

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