How to Style a Waxed Women’s Jacket?

Historically, waxed cotton jackets were all the rage with royalty and the ‘country set’, conjuring images of country estates, hunting and shooting, and, of course, horse riding.

From the high seas to the high street, waxed cotton has come a long way! Originally developed to create durable, water-resistant sailcloth and coats for the sailors of yesteryear, waxed cotton is now firmly established as a British fashion icon.

Historically, waxed cotton jackets were all the rage with royalty and the ‘country set’, conjuring images of country estates, hunting and shooting, and, of course, horse riding. The waxed fabric is perfect for protecting you from the British climate… it’s warm and waterproof! Especially the long wax coats, as they’ll protect your legs as well.

Nowadays, you can tap into this heritage whatever your lifestyle, this versatile fabric is now a firm favourite of the fashion world, with many styles and colours to choose from. One of the best features of this incredible material is that no jacket will look the same; waxed cotton develops unique marks and shadings caused by the use it gets; like your favourite pair of old jeans, or leather jacket, wearing the garment creates what could be called your own individual life story pattern on it.

So when and where can you wear your waxed cotton jacket? And what to wear underneath it? What accessories to wear? There is pretty much no place you can’t go with one of these incredibly versatile garments. They can be dressed up or down, depending on your lifestyle and leisure pursuits; they look equally classy in the city as in the countryside. 

Anyone who is anyone, and who has style, has a waxed cotton jacket! From American First Lady Michelle Obama, to celebrities and models, and, of course, royalty, these garments adorn the front pages of the newspapers and magazines. 

If you commute to and work in a city, your waxed cotton jacket will protect you from the wet and wind on your rush from the station to the office. If you have one of the traditional coloured jackets of either black, navy or olive green, you could add a splash of colour with a bright print dress or skirt, teamed with a contrasting scarf, and a pair of kitten heels. 

We can’t all get away with hats, but if it’s winter, a trilby hat, with the traditional feather pinned on one side would top it off nicely. Alternatively, for those who prefer to wear trousers, how about teaming up a pair of black trousers with a crisp white blouse, and maybe a waistcoat? Ankle boots and a bold coloured scarf would finish the look. 

For a more casual look, perhaps taking the dog for a good walk in the country? What would be more suitable to wear under your waxed cotton jacket than your favourite pair of jeans, a lovely big baggy jumper, woollen scarf wrapped around your neck, and topped off with a woolly bobble hat! Wellies or walking boots are fine, but how about a pair of leather welly-boots to finish the look!

For the party girl about town, the contrast of a light coloured, lace dress and tights under your waxed cotton jacket would give you that certain je ne sais quoi style, part bohemian with a dash of chic! Shoes of your choice .. ankle boots or heels, it’s up to you!

You get the picture, your waxed cotton jacket will get you everywhere! From Ascott to the local gymkhana, a garden party to a family picnic, or a smart restaurant to the local pub, you won’t look out of place. It is a classic, iconic garment, steeped in tradition and in history, yet still the height of fashion.

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