5 Must Have Items for a Girl

With this busy life, a girl can’t deal with fashion problems all the time. Sometimes she needs time to relax. The basic items are pretty simple, but without them you can’t do much. You can combine them with other stuff, or you can add a plus to an outfit. It’s up to you.

Here Are 5 Must Have Items for a Girl:

red lipstick

Red Lipstick

Matt or glossy, deep or bright, a red lipstick can update your look instantly! People will think you’re younger than you are. You will take more selfies, and I think that is a very good thing! Red lipstick can get you out of normal. You can wear it with no other makeup, or with something natural.

little black dress

Little Black Dress

You want a dress for a formal event or for a girls night out? I have the perfect solution: a black dress. You can do your makeup however you want. With a black dress you are sexier and special! Is there anything more classic than this? The key here is to keep it simple. Add a statement jewelry piece and you are ready to go.

nude stilletos

Nude Stilettos

Just pick the perfect shade of nude for your skin tone. Nude heels instantly elongate your legs! They can complete every outfit, from an elegant dress, to boyfriend jeans and a crop-top. You can’t go wrong with them! They will last you a lifetime. They are a must have!


Black Blazer

A blazer is classic, and looks great on all body types. You can wear it with anything: jeans, dresses, skirts. Make sure to find one that fits you well and accentuates your waist, for a feminine look.

Wide legs or flares styles


Your perfect jeans! Cropped, skinny or boyfriend jeans, every women needs a pair of them! They are so simple to style, and very comfortable. They go with everything, and you can wear them everywhere. For a casual look, wear jeans with a top and sneakers, and for a formal look, wear them with a pair of high heels.

These Are the Top 5 Items Every Girl Needs in Her Life to Make It Easier

With these bad boys you can’t go wrong!

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