How to Maintain Your Thick Hair

Thick hair is quite synonymous to healthy hair and everyone wants to have it and rock it. As beautiful as thick hair is, it is quite hard to manage.
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Thick hair always seems like the best hair type to have but it is also quite prone to tangles and knots that are quite stubborn, that’s not all if thick hair is not washed properly and regularly it becomes an easy prey to greasiness and oil build up.

To eliminate see of the problems of thick hair, most people are known to cut it thin, trim it down, or straighten it. 

We’ve got a total guide for you on how to manage and maintain your thick hair, and if you’re not in such a hurry we suggest you follow us on this marvelous thick hair maintenance guide.

  1. Wash it on a regular basis: Thick hair has a very high tendency to build up oil, grease, and dirt when left unwashed for too long. It also has a bad habit of going wild and tangling out of control. To stop this from happening and limiting this, you have to set up a regular washing cycle for your hair. Make sure that you wash it at most 4 times in a week, and on the days you don’t wash it, make sure you have a dry shampoo on hand to get the job done. The shampoo applied to your hair keeps it from building up oil, debris, and dirt, while the conditioner helps untangle it and keep it straight. This helps your thick hair to shine without being too oily and to sway in the breeze without getting tangled up, now that’s the reason we love thick hair. Fullness and freedom.
  2. Make it a habit to wash your thick hair with warm water: We chose warm water over hot water, as hot water could do some serious damage to your hair and you as well. Warm water helps tame your thick hair to be easily maintained. It helps relax your hair follicles and makes your hair softer and easier to handle.
  3. Apply the shampoo minutes before washing: This trick is very effective and an amazing one. All you need is a small amount of shampoo, apply it to your hair and massage it into your hair scalps with your fingers, after this, apply your conditioner to the scalp and massage it quite generously before leaving it to sit in for 30 minutes, then rinse it out. We are trying to maintain the thick hair, so it’s best to apply conditioner only from the middle of the hair to the ends, as this will allow the conditioner to soak into the hair
  4. Always let it dry naturally: Letting your thick hair dry naturally as opposed to blow drying can actually do wonders to your thick hair. Blow-drying your hair can damage your hair due to the high temperature involved and towel drying your hair can also damage it by tangling it up. Your safe bet would be to let it air dry as that would not damage the hair. If you are in a hurry and you absolutely have to blow-dry it, make sure you use it on a low heat setting, after spraying it with a heat protectant. Make sure to reduce your heat styling to minimal so as to protect your hair. 
  5. Brush with a wide tooth comb: Your thick hair will need to be brushed a lot to get the tangles and knots off it, to do this effectively you’ll need to make use of a wide tooth comb or a natural bristle brush. Using a coarse or rough bristle brush will only rough up your hair, damage it and even tear it. It is applicable to brush your hair approximately 30 minutes after rinsing your hair with a conditioner, and use a wide tooth comb to work first from the ends to the middle and finally the roots to completely untangle it.
  6. Shower and pamper it with quality hair care products: Your hair deserves to be pampered with care and that’s the work of hair care products. Apply hair masks intensively and extensively on your hair. Pampering your hair with oils and hair masks will help soften your hair and moisturize it. Once in a month it is quite advisable to do deep conditioning to your hair, this helps it stay smooth and tangle free for a longer period of time.

Now there’s no need to bother yourself with your thick hair, just follow these tips on how to maintain your thick hair to make it look beautiful and elegant. Your thick hair will finally be a blessing more than a curse. There’s definitely some great hair extensions out there these days, meaning you can add some length to your locks easily if you regret the cut a few months down the road. Check out Amazing Beauty Hair Extensions sound like they may be your thing. I have a friend who is absolutely in love with her and because there are various colors you can sampletomatch yourhair color perfectly.

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