How to Embrace Your Perfectly Imperfect Body

In this article, we will discuss your different body shapes and how to accentuate your best features.
How to Embrace Your Perfectly Imperfect Body1

Despite what anyone thinks, everyone is beautiful. Some people are confident about how they look, whereas some are not. But it is important to know that you cannot hide imperfections in accessories and clothes. You just have to accept yourself the way you are and learn to tell yourself every day that you’re gorgeous.

In this article, we will discuss the different body shapes and how to accentuate those features. We will also share tips on boosting your confidence and appreciating your beautiful body.

What’s Your Body Shape?

Below are the different body shapes.

1. the Triangle

You are a triangle if you have a narrow chest and a well-defined waistline. Also, your bottom is bigger than your bust. Your thighs and hips are generous, and your shoulders are narrow.

If you are in this category, your waistline needs more accentuation. You can put on printed tops with a sweetheart neck or a V-neck, wide belts, scarves, pencil skirts, dark jeans, empire-waist dresses. You can also put on high heels as they will make your legs appear longer. But you need to know that wearing heels always can pose some health risks. You can read about it here.

2. the Inverted Triangle

This seems to be the opposite of the triangle shape. Here, the shoulder is wider than the hip. The hip is narrow, and the waist is little. People with this body shape can put on U-neck or V-neck tops, colored shoes, pleated skirts, A-line skirts, flare pants, and wide belts.

3. the Hourglass

This body shape has a defined waistline. The bustline and hipline are also of the same measurement. This body shape is suitable for fitted jackets, belts of various sizes, simple heels, ballerina flats, below-the-knee wrap skirts, pencil skirts, low waist jeans, dark tops, wiggle dresses, and wrap dresses.

4. the Apple Shape

This shape boasts of a set of long, thin legs, a large bust, no waistline, and wide shoulders and back. You can put on clothes that are light-colored with vertical stripes, V-neck tops, A-line gowns, thick fabrics, heels with high cone, trapeze skirt, wrap skirt, pleated skirt, straight-cut pants, Bermuda, high waist bottoms.

5. the Rectangle

This shape has a hipline that is almost the same width as the shoulder and bust. The bust is usually small with no hipline. This body shape needs large, printed tops with a V-neck, wide belts, big collars, cone heels, half-circle skirts, tulip skirts, full circle skirts, pencil skirts, jeans with tapered legs, straight cut jeans, thick fabrics, wrap dresses with a high slit, empire waist dresses.

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How to Feel Confident About Your Beautiful Body

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We wouldn’t have felt like something was wrong with the way we look if not for the numerous campaigns that teach about loving your looks. Yet the same campaign has not learned to draw the line between body empowerment and body criticizing. The issue of body image has become a subject of interest, and a disturbing one at that.

Many of those campaigns encourage people to love their appearance so they can sell their weight loss products or anti-wrinkle creams. However, there are some that are genuine. But are you aware that the plastic surgery industry is thriving on these insecurities?

Now, this is the point where we have to quit feeling low about our bodies. To all amazing souls out there, here are some simple steps to help boost your confidence and appreciate your beautiful imperfections:

1. There Is Beauty in Being Imperfect

No single person in the world is perfect. Anyone who is perfect acquired it through some artificial means like makeup, alterations, and surgery. Also, there is no module for being perfect. From the days of Ancient Greece till this present time, beauty ideals have kept changing. For example, the present day plus size women were the ideal beauty in the Renaissance.  So, embrace your extras and curves for they’re your grace.

2. Be Appreciative

Society imposes so many expectations on us that we are so burdened and forget to be thankful for everything. We end up complaining about what we are not. Now, look at your awesome self and be appreciative for the glorious hands that you have, the strong legs that can tour the world, hips that can bear any burden, and a beautiful, healthy torso that makes you a living goddess.

Be grateful for a complete, functional, and healthy base. It is okay to make some alterations like hitting the gym to lose some weight, only if they are borne out of the need to be better, not to fit in.

3. Use What You Have

Looking up some dieting tips is not a bad idea. Of course, who would not enjoy a green smoothie for breakfast with soy milk, coconut, and almond flavors? But will that help you scale through a busy day in the office, four kids, house chores, and every other thing you have to do at home?

Let us keep aside those dishonest ideals and make no attempt at fitting into size zero, at least for now. Rock your gorgeous figure with some perfectly imperfect shirts and hoodies. Allow the inspirational messages on them to make you feel confident, desirable, and sexy. Never allow the “plus-size” label to fool you. There is no number called plus size. Always remember that you’re a goddess!


Our bodies are perfect just the way they are. Find the favorite parts of your face and body and accentuate them. If it’s your legs, put on shorter skirts. If it’s your lips, wear your lipstick with pride. And if it’s a plump bum, use a bodycon to show it off.

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