Home-made natural masks for beautiful hair

We offer you tricks so you can have that beautiful hair you dreamed of. Simple tricks, home made mask, with natural ingredients!

In our days, having a healthy and appealing hair became a reflection of our lifestyle, and health. There are not so many girls who “inherit” a bright and beautiful hair…unfortunately “mother nature” was not that giving! But!!! For these girls we have the perfect tricks…offered by Mother Nature also. These small tricks are, in fact, some home-made masks, compound of natural ingredients who will improve the quality of your hair. This is the best way to solve many problems…you don’t spend lot of money…no schedule for hairdresser, no wasted time and you get even a better result that using chemical (professional) products.

1.Oil and garlic mask

Even if it sounds strange and it has a terrible smell, this mask regenerates the hair and prevents hair loss. In fact: oil prevents hair loss, garlic offers fineness and glow!

You need:

  • a spoon of oil cream + vitamin E and A (ampule)
  • a honey spoon
  • a spoon of Castor-oil
  • one or two garlic cloves
  • an egg yolk
  • olive oil (more than two tablespoons)
  • The mask is applied to the root and then all over your hair. It is covered with a towel or bath helmet and sit with it between 30 minutes and one hour. The hair is then washed, usually with shampoo.

    2. Mask with bananas and lemons

    The mask provides elasticity and prevents hair peaks from “splitting”.

    You need:

  • a banana
  • a half cup of honey
  • a spoon of olive oil
  • few drops of fresh lemon juice
  • Apply the mixture on your wet hair , freshly washed and let it work for about 40 minutes. Wash it  with warm water.

    3. Mask with yeast and nettle juice

    The mask is intended to recover the scalp health and strengthen yarn hair roots.

    You need:

  • 50g of yeast
  • 5 Tablespoons olive oil
  • 4 Tablespoons of heated honey
  • a cup of nettle juice (raw, boiled or macerated)
  • Mix all the ingredients until you obtain an omogene composition and apply in semi-dry hair, massaging easy. Wash out with warn (not hot!) water in about 10-15 minutes.

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