Hair: Straight!

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A perfectly stretched and shiny hairdo: this is the hair you must like in this period. Asian girls, to our envy, may be proud with such an capillary ornament from “mother nature”. In addition, as the hair color is darker, the hair seems brighter.

Professionals gesture

When you hear about the brush and hair-drier, it seems to you that is “a piece of cake”. Not even close! First, you choose the thickness of the brush depending on hair length: the longer your hair is, the more you need a thicker brush. And now, here is how you should properly use these tools: separate hair highlights in not very thick ones and dry it starting using jet of hot air and cold air at the end. 

Our trick: If your hair shines, it is well dried. At this point, you can switch to the cold air version, which will ensure stability to your hairdo.

Flatten your hair with the hair straightener

Hair straighteners have a reputation for hair stretches in two-stroke and three moves. Okay, that is true, but that the hair must be well dried before.
Is preferable to straighten it only once, because it is not recommended to use the heating plaque twice on the same tress. Also use a spray to combat the adverse effects of heat (but first make sure that your straightener allows contact with styling products).

Our trick: The plate must pass slowly through your hair, it is much better to use quickly, in only 3 rounds.

Tips for getting the best straight hair:

  • First of all, invest your money in the most performant products. Second of all, learn how to use them properly, first with the hair drier then with the heating plaque.
  • The secret behind the super-slick hair consists of a very rigorous treatment. Don’t just use a shampoo you usually use, try using special products that flatten your hair.

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