Gifts Ideas: 5 Skincare Products to Buy the Men in Your Life That They’ll Love to Use

Skincare products can make an amazing gift for the men in your life—there are options for every budget and features to fit many different skin needs. Men aren’t known for showing the same amount of interest in facial care products as women, but that might be because they’ve never been targeted by advertisers for the benefits these products offer them. If you want to make a great gift of a skincare product, make sure it’s one that the men in your life will love to use.

This is a guest post courtesy of Paul Agelidis, the Founder and Owner at Revolucion, a cigar, tobacco and men’s gift shop in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

The following skin care products are some of our favorites. They are great as surprise gifts or even for introducing the men in your life to the love—and benefits—of skincare.

Here are our five gift ideas:

Gift Idea #1: Charcoal Face Cleansers

Charcoal has a long tradition in men’s care products, so it can be an inviting gift even for men who don’t often use facial care products. Most charcoal face cleaners are non-greasy and quite easy to apply, needing only to be gently rubbed on and then rinsed off.

Charcoal cleansers, more than some others, are known for to reduce the size and appearance of pores on the face. For men who have spent a lifetime working outside, the temporary (but repeatable) effects of a charcoal cleanse can be a wonder.

These cleansers are great gifts for swanky occasions, such as gift bags for bachelor parties, anniversaries or business events.

Gift Idea #2: Sunscreen Moisturizers

Men love things that are multi-purpose, and that makes sunscreen moisturizers a perfect gift for your favorite guy-on-the-go. Not all men will take the time for a moisturizing regimen, but daily sunscreen application is a necessity in some regions of the country. Once your guy has used it for a while, the value of the moisturizer will also become apparent, and he’ll love to use your gift.

Sunscreen moisturizers are a great casual gift. Think of it as something to slip into a suitcase at the beginning of a vacation, or just as a nice surprise.

You can also gift a good-quality moisturizing plus brightening cream as men like such products too but hardly ever invest in them.

Gift Idea #3: Seasonal Beard Oils

Beard oils are already quite a popular product, so it’s pretty safe to assume that the bearded guy in your life will enjoy it. However, you can go the extra mile to make this a more thoughtful gift—and one that he’ll use—by matching it closely to the season. For example, we’re looking right into the height of summer in a few weeks. Tropical scents, fruit scents and fresh ocean sprays are going to be perfectly in season.

If you know your guy’s face and beard, you can go even further by choosing oil that’s blended to help him with his biggest challenges. Go for oils that improve shine, remove dryness and frizz or solve other problems that may frustrate him.

Gift Idea #4: Flattering Aftershaves

Sometimes all you need to do to know your gift will be used is to tell him how much you personally enjoy it. This is definitely the case with aftershaves. Some guys go to the trouble of choosing an aftershave that matches the rest of their cleaning products, and they’ll probably stick with their own stuff. However, other guys just choose an aftershave based on discount or availability, and these guys can really benefit from having an aftershave chosen that flatters their personal aroma, or entices their partner. 

A thoughtful aftershave choice can be a standout gift. In addition to choosing something that matches them, you can take the opportunity to save them from mass market aftershaves that aren’t always the best when it comes to protecting facial skin.

Aftershave is a personal gift, best exchanged privately for intimate functions like anniversaries.

Gift Idea #5: Anti-Aging Kits

The age of the metro man began a good 15 years ago, so the first generation of guys who took skin care seriously are about to start needing the next step! There are now quite a few anti-aging kits that are perfect for either sex, or built around the skin needs of men. Unlike some other products, an anti-aging kit has a very clear goal that some men are going to care a lot about.

Most kits come with several products that are designed to be used together. This can make them higher budget than others on the list. The tradeoff for that is that these kits are also often very targeted toward certain problems. If you want to know your guy will make use of the gift, make sure to choose one that addresses his needs.

It can also make a good gag gift for birthdays after 25, but you know the room better!

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