Get rid of dandruff!

Dandruff is one of the most common hair problems people have in our days.  If you have dandruff don’t freak out! Imagine that one of two people is facing this problem, and we studied a little bit the problem and we came with small solutions!

Why me?!

Every 28 days our skin get’s a “new skin” and I mean…regenerating. Completely. Even though we do not see it.
For our scalp, skin regenerating seems to be a little problem. Because all day long, the sensitive scalp skin interacts with all kinds of microorganisms, such as bacteria or fungi that affects it and irritates it. The most common problem is that these microorganisms attack the glands that produce natural oils. This is most likely caused by bacteria called malassezia. Attacking the glands that normally produce scalp oil, our scalp becomes dry and, in time we observe that annoying skin exfoliation, that we call dandruff.


[singlepic id=518 h=150 float=left]Dandruff can be defeated with the right products. Start by using a good shampoo, especially created for it. Find some time to get a wash daily.
Search shampoos are based on zinc, selenium and salicylic acid. As your scalpel get’s used with these products, change them from time to time, at least once a month. Or you can use two kinds of shampoo at the same.
We suggest something else. Natural treatments. Such as vinegar. Wash your head with it, or even better, make yourself a massage with vinegar at the hair roots, and try to sleep with the solution over night with your hair wrapped in a towel. Don’t get scared of that awful smell, it will go away, and I say it’s worth it, for a shiny beautiful hair, and most of all, with NO dandruff.
Whatever you do, do not use your nails! You can hurt your scalp and that is a big problem if you have dandruff.
Dandruff became a reason for inferiority complex, for most of the people. We suggest that you have a little patient, and use the right treatments, and we guarantee that you will get rid of this unpleasant problem! Good luck!

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    There are so many natural ways to get rid of dandruff and also many shampoos around to get rid of dandruff. I love your beauty tips! Please keep them coming.

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