Five Anti-Cellulite Creams

Get ready for the opening of the parade season...of course...on the beach, not on the catwalk!

Get ready for the opening of the parade season…of course…on  the beach, not on the catwalk!

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No cellulite for sure!

Chanel Precision Body Excellence Firming and Shaping Gel Anti-Cellulite is a gel with anti-cellulite effect and firmness and remodeling effect also.

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Caffeine good for the body

Elancyl Liporeducer Specific Flat Stomach
from Galenic. For a super sized, choose this gel, caffeine based. You’ll see results in just 14 days after application. You find it in drugstores also.

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Heating Effect

Cell Plus from Bios Line. It is a mud with effect of rapid heating and loosing fat, which acts against cellulite. Contains clay and blue algae.

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Perfect shape

Body Anti-Cellulite Performance / Slim Shape Visible Contouring Serum
from Estee Lauder, is a serum for a stunning figure.

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Sculpted figure

Lancôme Sculpturale-Draining & Resculpting Anti Cellulite Treatment (Buy it from Amazon)helps you to get rid of cellulite and as a bonus remodels your body.

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